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10 July, 2016   How to study even if there is no electricity to power light and fan

This device is very useful to use it as a nightlight and it can be charged via sunlight generating free energy. Also use it to charge other USB devices.

08 July, 2016   A padlock than can be unlocked and locked from smartphone

Use your smartphone app to unlock this padlock and you will not need any key or combination code and the product is also highly secure.

07 July, 2016   This machine helps to cut designs from paper and fabrics

This cutting machine tool looks like a home printer and is very useful to cut custom designs out of paper and fabrics.

04 July, 2016   This lamp creates an environment for meditation from its glowing

This lamp is made of crystal salt obtained from by digging deep into the Himalayas and emits positive waves when glown by a bulb.

03 July, 2016   This instrument can measure the speed of a ball in any sports

This instrument can be used to measure the speed of a ball used in any sports whether its baseball, cricket, football, tennis or any other. This will help you to compare your talent with other players.

02 July, 2016   This device will remind if you are forgetting something in daily routine

This droplet device can be used to send you reminder messages in case you are forgetting something in your daily routine.

30 June, 2016   Put this device in luggage and track your luggage in phone in real time

This device is useful to track your luggage in real time within a 30m range and also it can be used to locate your stolen luggage anywhere in the world using the app in the smartphone.

27 June, 2016   Augmented Reality book to take selfie with realistic dinosaurs

This is a book based on the Jurassic World movie with printed augmented reality dinosaurs which come to life once viewed through the app meant for these dinosaur pictures.

26 June, 2016   This device will check the speed of your cycling and give data on phone

This fitness tracker is very useful for a cyclist, and it acts like a coach to the bicycle rider, on the way to his journey, by announcing important information through audio regarding the set goals of the workout.

22 June, 2016   Use your fingerprints to unlock this padlock. No key or code required.

This padlock can be unlocked by simply using your fingerprints and there is no need for a key or combination code or a smartphone app.

21 June, 2016   Know the state of a childs' mind using this headset

When you wear this headset, it let you know the frequencies of different brain waves and that in turn help you to know about the state of mind of the person who is using this headset.

21 June, 2016   Wear this device in your hand and tap on any surface to type on phone

There is a strap to be worn on your hand which helps you type text messages without using the keypad or keyboard. Just tap on any surface and it will type on your mobile device.

20 June, 2016   This device will throw balls at you to let you practice table tennis alone

You can be an expert table tennis player by practicing table tennis a lot on your own with this table tennis robot which can throw balls at your end in different ways and in different directions.

14 June, 2016   Once switched on this USB fan shows a clock display on its' rotating area

This USB fan can be connected to any computer or laptop or a USB power adapter and it's blades will start rotating once switched on. The magic begins when it starts showing a LED light display of a clock on the rotating blades area of the fan. This is something very unusual.

14 June, 2016   A paper airplane that takes a round trip and comes back to you automatically

This paper airplane is designed in such a way that it doesn't require any battery for its operation still it takes a half spherical round trip and come back to its original place.

12 June, 2016   Control this paper airplane in air by movement of your head

This paper airplane has a module attached to it to control it via smartphone and also it is fitted with a live streaming camera. Watch the airplane's live streaming through google cardboard and you will feel like you are flying through the air driving a paper airplane. Also control airplane through movement of your head.

11 June, 2016   Get six different nutrients from a single dose of this liquid herbal extract

This liquid herbal extract contains 6 different nutrients which are iron, vitamin C, vitamin B 12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2 and all of these you get from a single herbal liquid product.

08 June, 2016   Press a simple button on this mug to stir liquid in it automatically

Just press the power button on the top of the handle of this unusual mug and it will automatically stir the liquid inside it.

04 June, 2016   A cordless phone that uses a SIM Card. Good for old people.

This phone gives a look like that of a cordless phone but its actually a GSM phone with a slot for SIM Card. This is a great gift idea for those who want to trick guests arriving at their home. It can also be used as a power bank.

02 June, 2016   A device to measure levels of essential nutrients in the body anywhere

There is a thick pen like device whose tip can be placed on different acupuncture points on hand and foot fingers, to determine the level or status of different essential vitamins and minerals in the body. The level of these nutrients in body will tell if you are physically fit or not.

01 June, 2016   Fly this bird toy in air using your smartphone. Looks quite realistic.

This is a bionic bird which can be flown in the air, with the help of a smartphone app, to trick other birds in the surroundings or just to enjoy a flight. A good gift for kids who want to become future pilots. An egg like device is provided to charge it.

31 May, 2016   You don't need ears to listen through this headset. Good for deaf people.

This is a headphone which is made to fit on your cheekbones instead of ears. The sound signals are passed through the vibration of cheekbones. You hear music from the headphone while you remain in touch with the sounds coming from the real world.

30 May, 2016   An unusual 2d lamp that gives a 3d look once lit up

This lamp is a great gift idea for people who have bought a new home and are in need of home decor. Once you light up this lamp, it will give a three dimensional look, while in reality its structure is only in two dimension.

30 May, 2016   This device will project a rainbow on the wall at night

This can be used as a lighting toy by kids in their room. This is quite an unusual lighting toy that projects a colorful rainbow on the wall in the dark but only once you switch on the Led light fitted into it.

23 May, 2016   Write on this board and it will come live on computer in real time

This is a Boogie Board where you can write on it, with the help of an stylus pen provided, and whatever you will write it will come live in real time on your computer or tablet or any other such device. A great gift for people who cannot type fast using keyboard.

22 May, 2016   A kids ride-on car that moves without pedaling and battery

This is a unique car toy where the child only needs to turn the steering wheel left and right repeatedly in order to move it ahead. There are no pedals (or battery) in this toy car as those are not required. A great gift idea for small kids to enjoy car riding on smooth surfaces at home.

21 May, 2016   This device generates different sounds to be used in video recording

This is a sound producing toy. It generates different unusual and funny sounds. Such sounds can always be used to trick people, for example, fart sound and burp sound and lots more. A good product when you need different types of sounds while creating youtube videos.

21 May, 2016   This is best gift for a child who want to experience virtual reality

This kids device is worn on the eyes. The kids will enter into a virtual world by using this device. In this virtual world the child will find himself immersed in three dimensional unusual world created from specific apps in your smartphone.

20 May, 2016   This kids robot can be programmed to even pour milk and serve cookies

These ar the two robotic toys named by the company as Dash and Dot. They can be programmed in different ways to carry out different activities by them. Kids can do that by using the different apps developed by the company to control these robots. The product is already in use in different schools of United States.

20 May, 2016   An unusual study lamp which looks like a handbag in folded state

This is an unusual study lamp which looks like a handbag in folded state. Once unfolded it becomes a study lamp. This is a great gift idea for students who spend their lot of time in late night studies. Also, its a good home decor to trick guests arriving at home.

19 May, 2016   This smartphone can be used to watch 3d content without 3d glasses

This smartphone is the only phone of its kind in the world which does not require 3d glasses to watch 3d content. Just your naked eyes are enough to experienc 3d images, pictures, motions, games and even 3d movies. The company provides all the free 3d content in the form of different mobile apps, to enjoy 3d.

18 May, 2016   This egg device will let you know once eggs are perfectly boiled

This unique egg is a device which can be placed with real eating eggs during their boiling in water. This device will play three different tunes according to, when the real eggs are soft-boiled, medium soft boiled and hard-boiled. The company has also lauched a gold coated egg so that it can be used to gift someone.

18 May, 2016   Clip this beer mat from your nose to make different funny faces

This item is unique in the sense that it can change the face expression of a person once he clips it from his nose. This item is called face mat, and its real use is to put a glass of drink over it to protect the surface from stains.

17 May, 2016   This device can help to make your child more active in life

This wristband device can be used on child's wrist to track the daily activities of the child. All the activities of the child are measured and given a number to it. This number is called joules. In order to be more active child has to earn more joules, and also joules can be earned by interacting with the pet in the device.

17 May, 2016   Use these lighting gloves to give turning signals on the road

These unusual gloves can be used to give turning signals on the road for bicycle riders. Just touch your left thump with left index finger and the LED light will glow, and thus giving the left turn signal and vice versa. This is a great gift idea for bicycle riders.

16 May, 2016   This device will excite your child to brush his teeth everyday

This is an unusual device in which any toothbrush (except electronic toothbrushes) can be fitted into it. Once fitted, this device will now make a grip to your toothbrush. Now, just move your toothbrush in left, right, up and down directions in the mouth (while brushing your teeth), and accordingly the character in the game (in your smartphone) will move to play the game. This is an excellent gift for kids who hate to brush their teeth.

15 May, 2016   An electronic kit to make models of different electronic items for kids

This product is really very interesting and exciting to make kids understand about the basics of electronics. There are different electronic modules that can be snapped together to complete different types of electronic circuits. Once the circuit is completed, it will perform a certain specific task, like a toy boat running on the water.

15 May, 2016   Attach this device to the collar of the dog to check his 24 hr activities

This small unique device can be attached with the collar of the dog to track all the activities of the dog. Play time (when dog is quite active), active time (when dog is not much active) and rest time (no activity) are three different types of data that is collected by this device. All data will go to your smartphone, once the device is paired with the phone via bluetooth, and app is used to do that. Good gift for dog lovers.

14 May, 2016   This Adob software can make a video from photos taken in a sequence

This is an Adobe product. This is really a cool software stuff to gift to photographers. Take successive photos of something moving in the real world scene, with a gap of certain time period (like 5 seconds). This software will then do the great job of stitching these photos together to make an unusual and extra ordinary video out of it.

14 May, 2016   Control color and intensity of light of this bulb using your smartphone

This is a unique bulb that can be paired with your smartphone to change its color while lighting. There is a specific app that need to be downloaded on your phone, and using this app different shades of colors can be granted to the lighting bulb. This product can be used as a home decor or for studying late at night. The intensity of light can also be controlled using the app in the phone.

13 May, 2016   Control your toys by hand gestures using this armband

There is a product which is an armband. Its an armband and not a wristband. Just wear this armband on one of your arms(according to whether you are left-handed or right-handed), and then make use of your hand gestures to control any toy which is compatible with this armband. But first the toy need to be paired with armband using bluetooth. Also app will be needed which is free to download.

13 May, 2016   Draw the exact same picture as in your ipad in real time using Osmo

Osmo is an award winner gaming system that can also be used to draw the same picture, on a piece of paper, as what you see in your ipad. Ipad need to be placed on Osmo stand and Osmo mirror will be clipped on top of ipad. This will create an interactive area in front of ipad where you put the piece of paper to draw on it. When you will move pen on paper, it will be reflected on ipad over the picture and that will help to draw. Great gift for kids who like drawing.

12 May, 2016   A gaming system to program your own video games and play for kids

This gaming system is an excellent gift idea for kids who need new games all the time. When you hate all the games developers are making, than you should buy this gaming system to make your own games. All the great tools required are available, in this gaming system, to create your own games and then play. A unique product never seen before.

12 May, 2016   Teach kids about electronics and circuitry using Makerbloks kit

Makerblocks are the different small plastic blocks and each block act like an electronic component. These blocks are magnetic in nature, and so can be connected with each other with magnetic forces to complete a definite circuit. A user manual is provided to make different projects, like a burglar alarm. Just complete the circuit, as per instructions in the manual, and a working model of burglar alarm will be ready.

11 May, 2016   This wooden robotic cube follow commands given by kids

This toy is a kids playset where a wooden robotic cube is given commands by placing different blocks in a specific order on an interface board. Once the power button on front of the interface button is pressed, the robotic cube will follow the same path on a paper map which was created by using blocks on the interface board. The product is already in use in various schools in United States.

10 May, 2016   This alarm clock is for kids who do not understand time in ordinary clock

This is an unusual kids alarm clock which has 12 stars and 1 sun picture to display time for the kids. At 7 pm during night, there will be 12 stars visible on the clock and these stars will vanish one by one, and before 7 am in the morning there will left only 1 star. Exactly at 7 am the final star will also vanish and sun will appear giving indication to child its time to wake up. Time can be set according to your needs.

10 May, 2016   Make working models of different electronic products using this kit

This electronic kit is a great gift idea for kids who want to become future electronic engineers. All you have to do is to snap the components together, as per the instructions, for making a particular circuit, in any given experiment mentioned in the booklet. Circuits made in different experiments are activated by water, sound, touch and light.

09 May, 2016   This helmet let you look back without using side view mirrors and without turning your face back

This is really an unusual safety helmet, that let you see all that is exactly 180 degree behind you, while you are driving your motorbike, and you also don't need to turn your face back, left or right, to see everything behind you. A great gift for motorbike riders.

09 May, 2016   This gun has a hidden camera to record anything from it

This Nerf gun toy has an inbuilt camera. The child can take a snapshot and also can make a video of his shootings and later share it with friends via social networking sites. Micro SD card can be used to save large amount of photos and videos in the gun. This is a good gift idea for Nerf Gun fans.

08 May, 2016   This is for you if you don't like the taste of apple cider vinegar

These unique berry fruit tablets can be used to dissolve on your tongue for a minute or so. After that start tasting all the bitter and sour foods and you will realize that many of these foods will turn sweet in taste.

07 May, 2016   Throw this spherical camera in upword direction to take a snapshot in 360 degree

This is an unusual camera in the shape of a ball and it has 36 lenses on its surface. Just throw this ball like camera into the air in the upward direction, and when it reaches at its highest point it will take a snapshot of everything around in 360 degree. A great gift idea for people who travels a lot and want to take a group photo.

07 May, 2016   Use these stainless steel cubes to chill drink: ice cubes dilute your drink so not good

These stainless steel cubes can be used to chill your drink. This is a good replacement for ice cubes which dilute your drink.

06 May, 2016   Write on this graphic tablet and it will come live on computer in real time

Just move the pressure sensitive stylus pen on the textured surface of this graphic tablet, and that will automatically draw, or write, on your computer or laptop in real time.

06 May, 2016   This fitness tracker watch has a touch screen display in it

This unique watch has a screen touch facility and it can track the daily activities like running, walking, sleeping, swimming and also calories burned by the user. Infect there are so many features you can't even think of.

05 May, 2016   Grip your tablet safely with this sticking handhold product

This handhold product completely get attached on the back portion of your tablet and you get an easy and safe grip to your tablet.

04 May, 2016   Use this device to suck in clean water instantly from any dirty water source

This is a water filteration device in the form a small tube which can be inserted in any dirty water source to suck in clean water from that source. This is very useful product during camping and hiking.

04 May, 2016   This notebook will let you take your written notes instantly on computer

When you purchase this physical notebook it will come up with many stickers. These stickers can be used to organize and tag all your written notes (in the physical notebook) in the Evernote app in your computer. A great gift idea for students who want to organize their different subject notes on computer.

02 May, 2016   Play music in this speaker and the sealed water inside it will dance

Music through this unique water speaker can be played from lot of devices like ipad, iphone, desktop, laptop, dvd player etc. Once music is played water inside this speaker dances on music beats which is very exciting to watch.

01 May, 2016   How to practice balancing on wheels everyday?

Ride on this unusual Pedal Racer and the challenge is to keep your balance, while pushing the alternate pedals up and down, as this rider toy moves forward only after pedaling the wheels.

01 May, 2016   This device will help to reuse your old and expired smartphone battery

There is a device called BETTER RE in which you can insert any of your old and expired smartphone battery and that will help you to charge your phone again using BETTER RE.

30 April, 2016   A whistling sound comes out when this arrow is released from the bow

This is a unique kind of bow and arrow toy for all the shooting fun by kids. The arrow makes a whistling sound through the air when released from the bow.

29 April, 2016   A printer that prints small augmented reality photos instantly on the go

This is a very unique printer from which you can print photos instantly on the go by simply connecting to your iphone. The photos that come out are mini in size and these are augmented reality photos.

29 April, 2016   An iphone case where you can add your own photo on its' back

In this Popslate 2 iphone case, the design at the back can be customized, and infect you can add a new photo or design whenever you want to change the display.

28 April, 2016   Use this device to control things on computer through hand gestures

This device let you control things on your computer through hand gestures and no need for mouse or keyboard or screen touch. Just attach it to your computer and it will start working but only for specific applications only.

28 April, 2016   This magnetic ball will slow down in air when passed through a copper tube

This unique toy is based on some scientific theory called Lenz's law. When a high power magnetic ball is passed through an aluminium or copper made hollow tube, it extremely slows down in air while passing through the hollow tube.

23 April, 2016   Kids can play with this sand which does not dissolve in water

The particles of this unusual mystic sand will not dissolve in water and infect stick with each and thus helping to make different figures and structures inside water.

21 April, 2016   This sand never stick to hands and so kids can play without getting dirty

This very unusual sand never stick to your hands as it is flexible, soft, squeezable and light weight. Kids will never get dirty while playing with it and will be able to make shapes and figures from it.

20 April, 2016   This iphone case can stick to any surface including tiles, wood and more

Once your iphone is fitted into this anti-gravity case, it can stick to any surface including tiles, glass, metal surfaces, wood etc.

19 April, 2016   This speaker can stay in mid air without being attracted towards earth

There are two parts in this speaker. One is the spherical ball which plays the music. Other is the base of the speaker which acts as the charging station. The spherical ball of the speaker can float in mid air just above the base (once operated) and this is the real magic of this unique product.

18 April, 2016   Use this app in your smartphone to track activities at home while outside home

This is an awesome device to track any unusual activity happening at your home, in a particular room, and you track this unusual activity from any remote, or even nearby places, through an app in your smart phone. This is a great gift idea for those who, most of the time, feel insecure about their home.

17 April, 2016   7 things that can be folded and fitted into pocket to gift someone

These 7 items can be folded in some way and can be fitted into your pocket with ease. For example, on of them is a flashlight when in folded state, and can be converted into a lantern when unfolded or expanded. And there are more such unique products.

16 April, 2016   Fill 100 balloons with water in a single go with Bunch O Balloons

Bunch O Balloons is a new invention with the help of which minimum 100 balloons can be filled with water in just a minute or so.

15 April, 2016   Charge phone with a solar lantern on the go if there is sunlight

This solar lantern can be used as a flashlight in folded state while when it is unfolded it can be used as a lantern. Also charge your phone from it. Sunlight will charge the lantern.

15 April, 2016   Gift ideas based on unusual bowls and mugs

This page tells you about 8 different themes bowls which are very popular.

14 April, 2016   Crazy gift idea for a basketball fan

There is a basketball hoop attached inside this ceramic tea cup which can be used to play basketball, with any sizeable eatable, at tea time.

14 April, 2016   The battery in this mouse can last for 1-3 months with a single charge

This is a wireless bluetooth technology based mouse, that is inbuilt with 400 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Just charge this mouse using a USB cable once (it has micro USB charging port), and one single charge can last for 1-3 months depending upon your usage.

13 April, 2016   Use this new tool to aim and hit targets perfectly

This product looks like a slingshot but its very powerful and accurate for aiming and hitting your desired target perfectly.

13 April, 2016   Enter into dream world using this virtual reality based headset

This headset will let you experience three dimensional virtual world based on virtual reality.

12 April, 2016   This Intel Stick let you use your television as a computer and play games on big screen

This stick from Intel can be connected with any HDMI Port based display like your television. This stick is mini computer in itself with operating system and it makes your tv work like a computer once connected with your tv.

11 April, 2016   Run your car toy with smartphone app on real tracks to compete with friends

This playset contains different car toys which are controlled by an app in smartphone and can be run on race tracks provided along with the playset. You can compete with your friend's car or with the robot car on the race track.

11 April, 2016   Make world's top structures using toy brick pieces

This playset let you make different famous structures of the world using small plastic blocks but uses only total 11 brick types in the creation of all the models.

10 April, 2016   This rocket toy goes 200 ft high in air when you kick on its pad

The rockets in this rocket launcher toy can go high in air upto 200ft once thrust is applied by your kick on its pads. Just take a long run and come and jump on the pads and that will make the rockets to fly high in air.

09 April, 2016   Fly paper airplane in air for longer using an app in your smartphone

A module is attached by clipping it into a paper airplane and that helps to fly this paper airplane in air with the help of an app in your smartphone. Just tilt the smartphone to change direction of the airplane while flying.

09 April, 2016   Gift ideas for kids who want to learn about planets in solar system

These are the four best toys to teach kids about the different planets in the solar system.

08 April, 2016   Make 3d structures in air using melted plastic that comes out of a pen

This printing pen emits melted plastic ink that dries up after a minute or so, and by that time one can draw different 3d structures by the melted form of the plastic ink. The structures look real and take a good shape once the ink dries up.

08 April, 2016   Drag this mouse over any text in book and text will be live on computer instantly

This scanner mouse can scan text or picture on a paper or magazine or book and save it to your computer in real time and live.

07 April, 2016   Three toys that can be operated with smartphone apps

These three robotic toys can be operated by an app in your smartphone and also some of them can be controlled by hand gestures.

07 April, 2016   This robotic toy appeared as a character in the film The Force Awakens

This robotic toy appeared as a character in the film "The Force Awakens". It can be controlled by an app in your smartphone.

06 April, 2016   Best gift ideas to make your kids busy with aiming

Three best toys to make your child busy with aiming.

06 April, 2016   This toy will make your hands to look tiny to others

Three toys that can make your hands look unusual to others.

05 April, 2016   Use this invention kit to make even apple or banana as a computer key

This invention kit can make anything as a computer keyboard. Even use fruits like banana and apple as computer keys. Use even staircases to play piano on a computer.

05 April, 2016   These toys will excite your child to take bath

These two bathing toys will encourage your child to take bath everyday.

04 April, 2016   Three toys to frighten kids or other people

These toys are good enough to frighten small kids and also some of other toys can scare people on the road.

04 April, 2016   Teach toddlers about sounds of 26 english alphabets letters using this toy

These toys can help to teach kids about how the 26 english alphabet letters sound along with music and fun.

03 April, 2016   Best gifts for children who need toys that can flip upside down

This is an amazing dog toy which jumps and stand on its back legs only once the bone is shaked before it.

02 April, 2016   Best gift ideas for little girls related to dancing, cooking and adorning

These three toys are the best for little girls who want to adorn themselves, dance and cook.

02 April, 2016   Best toy phones gift ideas for toddlers

These are the best selection of toy phones for toddlers at low prices.

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