How to study even if there is no electricity to power light and fan

Waka Waka Power+ waka-waka fixed on bottle

Solar energy could be a great source of free electricity. Only thing we need to do is to find a device which can emit light once charged through solar energy. There is a very useful device called Waka Waka Power+. The speciality of this solar charger device is that it can be charged fully if we simply place it in the sun. There is a powerful solar panel fitted on this device which actually does the job of charging this device when placed in the sun. There is a battery of power 2200 mAh installed in this device which gets charged by the solar panel when sunlight falls on the solar panel fitted on the device. Once this device is fully or partially charged the small lighting bulb in it can be illuminated with four different intensities > 70 lumen (highest intensity) > 35 lumen > 17 lumen and > 5 lumen (minimum intensity).

You just need to make use of the push button on the device to shift to different intensities of the light. This light emitted through this Waka Waka device can be easily used to study at night even without electricity and it is also a free source of energy powered through solar energy. This 2200 mAh battery device can be fully charged in the sun within 12-24 hrs. If you are using 5 lumen (minimum intensity) to study at night, the charge in the device can last for maximum 150 hrs which is even more than 6 days. If you are using the light in the device with maximum intensity (70 lumen) still the battery can last for 10 hrs of continues use. This device can actually also be used as a power bank and there is a USB port in it to charge other USB devices.

Your smartphone can also be charged through it on the go. There is also a small USB Fan available for purchase on many online websites. This USB fan can also be run through Waka Waka device (by connecting through USB cable provided) and that will help you to cool yourself even if there is no electricity at your home or if you are away from home for camping or hiking. Both the USB fan and the light can work simultaneously through this device. 35 lumen intensity of light should be enough to use both the light and the fan together at the same time.

Morever, there are easy options in the device to hang it somewhere to use it properly while studying. One can hang it from the ceiling or use it as a tabletop. This solar charger device has actually a hole at its base through which it can be fixed on the top of a bottle as well. Just watch this youtube video (49 sec in video) and you will be able to see a boy who has fixed this device on the top of the bottle and he is getting the light comfortably to study on a table. This will also help you to avoid lighting of candle during non-availability of electricity. This product, however, can betray you if there is no sunlight which is the only source of free energy. That is the reason, the company also kept can option to fully charge this device within 6 hrs through AC adapter when electricity supply is live and not cut off.

But the fact is, there are many different types of USB solar chargers available in the marketplace and if you keep just 2-3 such solar chargers with you, all can be simultaneously charged using sunlight and that way free electricity can be stored on these solar charger devices for use in emergency. One another useful product which can be used as a night light to study, and which can also be charged using the sunlight is this solar lantern. This solar lantern can also be folded to use it as a flashlight and it also acts as a power bank to charge other USB devices.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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