This lamp creates an environment for meditation from its glowing

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Himalayas are known for their calmness. Many people become yogis and go to Himalayas to practice meditation as they want to attain salvation through meditation. What if you want to bring the calmness of the Himalayas at your own home environment? This can be done through Himalayan Salt Lamps available for purchase on many online websites including Amazon. These lamps are actually hand carved and made from a material called crystal salt found in the Himalayas. The salt you use while cooking at home is a rock salt and not crystal salt. There is a difference between rock salt and crystal salt.

Being part of the Himalayas, a sacred place, anything made from crystal salt has natural healing qualities. According to , the conventional table salt you use at home is not pure and it is being radically altered from its natural state and it is nothing more than an industrial waste. But the crystal salt found in the Himalayas is the purest and most holistic salt available on earth. This salt was crystallized more than 250 million years ago and now it is extracted by digging deep into the pristine Himalayan Mountains. One form of this crystal salt can also be used in the food you eat to help people with low blood pressure while it never causes high blood pressure due to it’s intake. There are also more health benefits of eating crystal salt which you can know by visiting the link mentioned above in this paragraph. Other form of this crystal salt is used to make lamps to generate negative ions (also called positive energy waves) in the environment you live.

There are actually both positive ions and negative ions in the environment. All the modern electronics you use at your home create an environment with positive ions which are not good for health. On the other hand, when you glow a bulb in the crystal salt lamp it generates negative ions, in large number, which help to absorb the excessive positive ions or electromagnetic radiations created by the surrounding electrical systems. Negative ions emitted by crystal salt lamps also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in more mental energy and thus reducing the stress and depression. You also get protected from harmful germs in air which cause sneezing, coughing and other types of irritation and allergies, caused due to air pollution or air contamination. There are also many other benefits of negative ions and you can know more at

These lamps can also be used for the simple reason that they give an attractive glow with shades of 3 different colors in one lamp. This is also the best product to buy and gift someone who meditates a lot. This lamp has traces of Himalayas and that is the reason it should be used specially during times when you are meditating and want to create an environment like that of Himalayas. Also these lamps look quite unique and impressive. Definitely a great product to impress guests arriving at home. These lamps can also be used for ambient mood lighting or as nightlights. Many people from hospitality industry are also buying these lamps a lot, specially for their meditation halls. Here is a nice video review of this product.

Lots of sites do say that there are many health benefits of these crystal salt lamps but according to wikipedia as mentioned here there is no any scientific evidence for that. Just check under the heading “Salt Lamps". But its a fact that crystal salt is a 100% pure natural mineral and natural things are always beneficial to health and at least they don’t harm even if not beneficial. Also the popularity and ratings of this product is very good from people who already bought. Some authorized dealers of this lamp are making good sales of this product even from their facebook page.

Another great gift idea for people who meditate a lot is this Tibetan Singing Bowl. The water inside this bowl can be vibrated or charged when a wooden like tool is rubbed along its rim and also the bowl sings that way. This charged water has healing powers and one can drink it. Here is a nice video showing a person charging the water using the tibetan singing meditation bowl.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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