This instrument can measure the speed of a ball in any sports

Scoutee ball speed measuring instrument

Sometimes it is important for a sports person to know the level of his talent as compared to other players in a particular sport. For example, in the game of baseball many pitchers want to measure the velocity of their pitching. Here are some data (at the bottom of the page) regarding the average pitching speed for pitchers who are in the age range of 8-18. Now suppose you are also a baseball player of 16 years of age. As seen in the data (mentioned above) the average pitching speed of a 16 year old is 76mph. If somehow you could measure your own pitching speed, it will be possible for you to compare your pitching speed with the average pitching speed of a 16 years old baseball player. For this reason a company has developed an instrument, called Scoutee, which can measure the speed of your pitching in the game of baseball.

See the product in action in real time in this youtube video. This instrument is different in the sense that it can give data on your smartphone in real time. It can be attached to your smartphone, using a magnetic sticker, and then simply you need to go to the baseball app (app is provided free by the company) in the smartphone to activate the button, meant to measure the speed of your pitching. Once the speed measuring button is activated, ask someone to hold the smartphone (to which the instrument is attached) at the home plate end, which is opposite to the end from where you are pitching the ball. As soon as you are finished with the pitching, the app in the phone will capture and show you the real time speed of your pitching. Also different profiles can be created in the app to measure pitching speed of different individual baseball players. This can really help to track your or your team's performance on daily basis and improve your game.

Also you don’t need to attach the instrument to the phone and it can even be placed over a tripod or hanged on the fence at the home plate end which is opposite to the end from where the pitcher is pitching the ball. Since this instrument is connected to the smartphone via bluetooth, data can be viewed in real time in the smartphone in a 30m range. So you don’t really need to keep the smartphone near the instrument once both are wirelessly connected via bluetooth, though the instrument can be attached to the phone by a magnetic sticker provided.

Not only baseball, but this instrument can also be used to measure the speed of a ball in different other games like cricket, football, rugby, basketball, tennis etc. The CEO of the company, promoting this instrument, is a baseball player so this product is more focused on baseball but he confirmed on the mail, as below, that this instrument can also be used to measure the speed of the ball in any sports.

Hi John,

Thanks for signing up for our newsletter and for reaching out, we appreciate it.

I am extremely glad to hear that you play cricket, the world's second largest sport. Scoutee can indeed be used to measure speed of a cricket ball, the same way as the balls in other sports. As we are a fresh startup, our plan is to start with two apps - one for baseball, which I've personally played for the Slovenian National Baseball Team, and the other, general one for all the other sports, including cricket.

With shipping coming up in August this year, we are now finalizing our apps, and you will be able to create profiles of different players and switch between them from our app menu.

I hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to follow up with any additional questions, we'd be happy to help you out.

We look forward to having you on board soon and also to your feedback regarding using SCOUTEE in cricket - because cricket is such a big sport, the specialized cricket app might be the next in line. We'd be more than happy to include you and your feedback in the app development process in the future months, should you be interested. Let's keep in touch!


If you look at the top left corner in this youtube video you will see the live readings of the speed of the ball at which a football player is kicking the ball into the goal post on the football ground, using the Scoutee instrument. Also this youtube video will let you know how accurate this instrument is while measuring the speed of any sports ball. The instrument was tested against a ballistic chronograph on a baseball field and you will find the difference in speed is never more or less than 1 mph. This clearly shows that the instrument is almost accurate.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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