This device will remind if you are forgetting something in daily routine

droplet device

There are so many activities you need to perform in your daily routine and often you forget to complete any of these. Taking that into mind, a company has come up with a device called droplet. Droplet is a very small circular button like device that can stick to anything you want. It can even stick to the plastic made bottle containing your pills. Droplet can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone to receive notifications and alerts in the smartphone. Droplet can basically be used to get reminders on your smartphone when you forget something in your daily routine.

Suppose you want to get a reminder, on your smartphone, if you forget to take your medicine. Then what you can do is to stick this droplet device on the bottle of your medicine, and after taking the medicine you can simply tap on the droplet device and this will let the app in the smartphone to know you have already taken your medicine. But if you have forgotten to take your medicine than you will also forget to tap on the droplet device. This will let the app in the smartphone to know that you haven’t taken the medicine, and so it will send you a reminder message in your smartphone that you have forgotten to take the medicine. Even though you might have forgotten to do something in your daily routine, but you must not forget to tap on the droplet once you have completed that activity, otherwise the app in the smartphone will send you an unnecessary reminder considering you haven’t performed that activity.

Droplet device sticking to medicine bottle as below in picture
droplet device stick to medicine bottle

You can add different activities in the app and the reminder need to be set for each activity. If you want to track 5 different activities a day than you need to purchase 5 droplet devices for each activity. To give you another example, suppose you feed the fishes in your aquarium everyday, than one droplet device you can also stick to the surface of the aquarium. As soon as you have finished the activity of feeding the fishes, tap on the device. If some day you forget to do this activity, the app in the smartphone will send you a reminder message as you will not also tap on the droplet device if you haven't feeded the fishes. But before you get a reminder you need to set this activity (the activity of feeding the fish) in your smartphone using the app associated with this device. Different activities and the respective reminders can be set in the app. This setting is usually done in the form of time. Suppose you have set the reminder message to be sent if you don’t take your medicine at or before 12 pm than you will receive the reminder message once 12 pm is crossed.

Also using the app you can give different names to different activities (as set in the app) to distinguish them from one another. But this is only one aspect of this device when you want to receive a reminder message only when you forget a particular activity. But the device can also be used when you want to schedule all your activities for the full day and want to be notified during times when each activity need to be performed. Watch this youtube video to know how this can be done. This is another great feature of this product.

A smarthub is provided along with the purchasing package for the internet wi-fi based wireless connection between the droplet and the smartphone. This smarthub can be powered through an AC power outlet. You need to keep this smarthub powered ON throughout the day for everything to work. The smarthub is already programmed to take username password from your home internet connection and you have to use the same username password to connect your device with smartphone via smarthub.

Since the device works via wi-fi internet connection (and not bluetooth) reminder messages can also be received on your smartphone even if the droplet device is at totally different location (even far from your own home). Suppose your grandmother live in a different home which is very much far away from your own home. If you want to know if she has taken the medicine or not, than it is also possible to receive reminder message on your smartphone if your grandmother forgot to take a medicine and as a result she had also forgotten to tap on the device which is sticking to the bottle of her medicine. So its really a very useful product so that you don’t forget anything in life. A great gift idea for those who have weak memory. This product can really save you a lot of money which you pay as a fine when you forget to pay your bills on time.

This small device will alert you if you are forgetting your smartphone somewhere.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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