Put this device in luggage and track your luggage in phone in real time

Smart Unit luggage tracking device

If someone is worried about the theft of his luggage during travel than there is an anti theft device called Smart Unit, developed by LEV Technology, that can be used as a safety measure. This is a small electronic device in the shape of a three dimensional rectangle that can be placed at the top of all your belongings inside the luggage. There is actually an app associated with this device and you should download and install this app in your smartphone. The app is free to download but this Smart Unit device need to be purchased. This device itself need to be charged first and a single charging may last for at least 7 days.

This device can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone via bluetooth. Once the connection has been established you can always track your baggage, using the app in the smartphone, in a 30 meter range. You need to enable and keep the Watch Mode feature in the ON Mode as long as you want to track the location of your baggage. If your baggage is somehow opened during transportation or transition by someone, or goes out of the 30 meter range, the smartphone will send you an alert message. If someone has opened your baggage without your consent, an alarming sound will also come from the device itself. Just you need to make sure the device is in ON Mode while it is kept inside your luggage and it is connected properly with your smartphone via bluetooth to receive theft alerts. Here is a nice video review of this product.

Actually the app in the smartphone is good enough to track your baggage in real time. If someone is carrying your luggage far away from you, the app will show you your luggage being moving away from your own location through a moving icon denoting the luggage in the app. If you are on the airport waiting near the luggage conveyor belt, the app will show you your baggage coming nearer to you in real time. If your luggage is at a fixed position, at some location, the app will also tell you how far your luggage is from your own fixed position.

But there is also one more important feature called flight mode. You don’t want your device to ring when your luggage is opened by customs at the airport. In that case you should disable watch mode and enable the flight mode before checking in.The device will then not ring or send theft alert messages till it lands on the destination airport. This flight mode works great even in multiple landings of the airplane throughout the journey. Once you are on the destination airport, then it will be better to enable the watch mode again and disable flight mode.

But the most important feature of this device is to locate your baggage on the map, in the app, in case you are not able to find it within the 30m range in Watch mode. It doesn’t matter where your baggage is located in the world, as long as there is GSM network available at the location of your luggage, you will be able to spot it on the map in the app. Sometimes it does happen that your suitcase is misplaced or misdirected in the transit on the airport, and it somehow reaches to some other city airport than your own destination airport. In such cases, the app will be able to spot the exact location of your luggage on the map and that will help you to find your suitcase with the help of airport customs.

So this device is really helpful in doing something that even the airport customs cannot help with. You will also be able to tell the customs department the exact location of your suitcase on the map in your smartphone app and that is certainly going to surprise them as well and will also help them to deliver your suitcase as soon as possible. It is the first anti-theft luggage tracker in the world. This device will actually throw many luggage tracking service provider companies out of the business. But actually you can also opt for services offered by various companies to track and spot your luggage in case it is lost in transit. They will also provide you with some of their own device to put into your luggage before living for the journey.

Another interesting product is this padlock which can be unlocked by using your fingerprint registered with your smartphone. This padlock doesn't need any key or combination code to unlock it. Both are great gift ideas for people who are worried about the security of their belongings.

One more very interesting and useful security product is this home security device that can track any unusual activity happening at your home, from a remote place, using an app in your smartphone.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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