Augmented Reality book to take selfie with realistic dinosaurs

Augmented Reality Dinosaur Book

A science fiction film called Jurassic World was released in the year 2015. This movie was based on some prehistoric animals that can be seen nowhere else on the earth. All the different varieties and breeds of dinosaurs that were shown in the movie could be seen in a book called Jurassic World Book. If you want to see those dinosaurs than you can watch some clips of this movie in this youtube video. The pictures of these dinosaurs in the Jurassic World book will actually help the kids to take a selfie with big and realistic dinosaurs as shown in the movie.

There are many different pages in the book with different dinosaurs printed on them, but five pages are augmented reality pages. Here is a nice video review of this book. Augmented reality pages are those pages where the pictures of the dinosaurs come to life in the smartphone or tablet when viewed through an app associated with the jurassic world book. This app could be downloaded free from any app store. You can download it here right now. But the book is not free and need to be bought. It can be bought online as well, on sites like Amazon.

What you have to do is to go to the app in the smartphone or tablet, and open the AR Viewer, and then simply look at the Augmented reality picture of the dinosaur through the AR Viewer in the app. As soon as you do that, the same dinosaur as in the picture will come to life in the smartphone, and by tapping on to certain buttons in the app the dinosaur can also be made to move in different directions and roar as well. If the dinosaur is a flying dinosaur than it can also be flown using the buttons on the app. But this will happen only within the smartphone and not anything outside of it. This is something brilliant to watch and it will be very exciting for kids.

Now the question is how the kids can take a selfie with such a live and realistic dinosaur. This is actually quite easy to do. Simply ask your friend or any other kid to be near the book while you are viewing the picture of the dinosaur in the book through the AR viewer in the app. Just make sure you are little bit far from the book this time. Your friend’s body will also be seen live near the virtual dinosaur as visible in the app, and that way you can take a selfie of your friend along with a realistic dinosaur. Now start sharing this selfie photo to create buzz among your friends and relatives on different social networking sites. Here is a nice video showing people taking selfie with a real looking dinosaur in the smartphone. But this product is different which is 4M Stegosaurus Dinosaur DNA Toy and not the Jurassic World Book.

Augmented Reality is actually getting very popular and there are many products coming in the marketplace which are based on augmented reality. To give you another example, there is a QR code printed on one side of a coffee mug, and when you look at this QR code through AR Viewer in the smartphone app and app being associated with this QR code, then there will appear a basketball hoop on the surface of the cup. A ball will also appear and by controlling this ball, kids can play the game of basketball on the surface of the coffee mug by using the smartphone. Know more about this product in the article > Crazy gift idea for a basketball fan.

There is also an augmented reality helmet which can help you to see the vehicles behind you (while you are on bike) without using the side view mirrors and also without turning your face back. There is also an augmented reality smartphone that can help you to watch 3d movies in it without using the 3d glasses and lot more.


This 4 sided pyramid will let images to come out of your smartphone and display as 3d images on vertical surface of pyramid.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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