This device will check the speed of your cycling and give data on phone

Moov Now fitness tracker

There is a fitness tracker product called Moov Now. This product could be very useful for a cyclist. This is more useful for people who use their bicycle for workouts or someone who wants to compete in a bicycle race. There are two wearable bands provided along with this Moov Now device : smaller band and larger band. One can switch between the larger band and the smaller band depending upon the size of his/her wrist and ankle, but you need to shift this fitness tracker device from larger band to smaller band and vice versa as per your requirements. These bands then can either be worn on your wrist or ankle to track the different activities like running, swimming, boxing, cycling etc. If you are buying it for a cyclist it should be worn on the ankle.

This device can actually be connected wirelessly with your smartphone via bluetooth. There is just a single app associated with this device and this single app can be used for more than 12 different workout programs including running, swimming, boxing, cycling, sleep tracking, heart rate monitor etc. Once the bluetooth connection has been established, just go to the app and choose the particular workout program you are interested in, and then the app itself will tell you where you need to wear the band whether on the ankle or the wrist. It is the app only where all the data related to your workout will be synced and displayed after the end of the workout.

But the question is how it could be useful for a cyclist and how he could use it?

Actually there are important motion sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope fitted inside this fitness tracker device. From the start of the journey to the end of the journey, how much distance the cyclist covered, and his speed, can be easily calculated by the accelerometer sensor in the device, and finally this data is displayed in the app at the end of the workout. Accelerometer can track movement in every direction. Also the cycling cadence can be measured by the gyroscope sensor in the device. Any type of rotational motion is measured by gyroscope and pedaling of bicycle is nothing but rotation which helps to determine the cadence. If there is no gyroscope in a fitness tracker than clearly it is not meant for a cyclist at least. All this data helps a bicycle rider to improve his efficiency. If one day his speed is 15km/hr, and the next day if the speed becomes 16km/hr during the workout, than it gives clear indication to the cyclist that his efficiency to drive the bicycle faster has improved.

But this fitness tracker device is different in the sense that it acts like your coach. There are actually different levels of workouts in the app according to the level of difficulty. If you are just an immature bicycle rider you should start with lower level workouts. For example, there is a definite target set in each level of the workout, and while you are driving your bicycle, the audio in the app will announce you time to time (as set in the app) in the mid of your journey how close you are to your target. If the speed set in the level is 15km/hr and you are just running with your bicycle at a speed of 13km/hr, the audio will announce you this data and also will tell you how you need to improve in the way of your journey. Just watch this youtube video to listen to such announcement while a biker is riding his bicycle. This is where this fitness tracker acts like a coach for a cyclist. This also makes this device different from other fitness tracker devices in the market.

But this device need to be compatible with the smartphone you are using for it to work for you. Just visit this link on official website to know if your smartphone is compatible or not. Its definitely a unique product to gift to a cyclist. But there is also one more fitness tracker and its a watch and not a band. There are unlimited number of features in this watch other than using it as a fitness tracker. You can even know the accurate weather forecast through a widget in this watch and it is the only watch which has a screen touch. You can know more about this fitness watch here. This could be even better gift for a cyclist than the one mentioned above.

These LED light gloves can help bicycle riders to give turning signals on the road.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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