Use your fingerprints to unlock this padlock. No key or code required.

tapplock padlock

Its a common problem, specially among housewives, to put the padlock key somewhere and later don’t remember where the key was placed. Also many people use keypad locks like Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad where you need to remember a code for its operation. This problem can be resolved by using a padlock that don’t even require a key or a combination code for its opening or closing. Tapplock is such a padlock that can be opened (unlocked) using your fingerprint. Just put the thumb of your hand on the black colored area of the padlock, which is just below the indicator light, and press and hold for a while and by simply doing that the padlock will get opened. Closing is easy as it doesn’t require anything to close. Just push the handle of the padlock into its hole and it will get locked automatically. Even kids will also find it quite easy to use. Here is a nice video review of this product.

You may be wondering if someone else can also open the same padlock by his own fingerprint. Actually that is not possible because there is an app associated with this padlock and you need to first register your fingerprint with this app. The app is free to download and need to be installed in your smartphone. A total of 200 fingerprints can be registered for using with this padlock. The sensor inside the padlock only recognizes those fingerprints which are registered with the app. First time when you will make a wireless connection of this padlock with its app (using bluetooth), than the app will ask to put your thumb on the area of the padlock just below the indicator light. This is the same area where you will put and hold your thumb for a while to unlock the padlock. Once you do that, your thumb impression will be registered as a fingerprint and stored in the app.

So any unfamiliar person cannot unlock this padlock as his/her fingerprint won’t work. Also, important thing to note is, only one fingerprint will work at a time though it may be that you have registered the fingerprints of all your family members in the app. But access to the padlock can be granted to any family member with the push of a button in the app, as long as the fingerprints of those family members are already registered with the app. But there should also be a question in the mind how safe it is to keep the fingerprints in the smartphone? To know the answer to this, read the content under the headline “secured fingerprint information" on this page of manufacturer’s website. This issue need to be addressed seriously as fingerprint is a kind of sensitive information that is used in many forensic research for criminal cases and also used as common form of authentication from bank vaults to luxury cars. Read more >> can your fingerprints be changed or stolen?

This padlock, however, can also be unlocked using the app in your smartphone in case of a rare possibility when the sensor fails to work properly in the padlock, or if somehow your fingerprint has changed. Also there is an alarm stored in the padlock which will blow up if some unfamiliar person tries to break through the padlock. The alarming sound will come from the padlock itself and that could frighten the person trying to break. This easy to use product can be used anywhere you like whether you want to use it in your bicycle or luggage or home cupboard etc. The product is also extremely durable as its made from high tensile steel. This padlock’s fingerprint sensitivity will not be affected due to rain water as its built waterproof. I think its a product definitely worth buying for any kind of enclosed security. This padlock uses an inbuilt battery and the battery can last for 3 years with a single charge. You don’t really need double A or triple A batteries whose life is really very short.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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