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headset to read Brain Waves

There is a device called NeuroSky MindWave Mobile Headset. This device is a type of headset that can help you to know whether your child is concentrating on his studies or not, or if he is taking drugs or alcohol. There is a proper and specific method to wear this headset on your head which you can know more about in this youtube video. You need to make your child to wear this headset while he/she is studying. It requires just 1 AAA battery for its operation. Actually this headset can be wirelessly connected to your computer, or tablet, or smartphone via bluetooth.

The sensors fitted inside the headset are able to detect the frequencies of different brain waves in user’s mind. Different brain waves in order of highest frequency to lowest are as follows: gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. This data of frequencies of different brain waves is detected by the sensors in the headset and displayed in an app, called Brainwave Visualizer, in your smartphone, or tablet or any other computer device which is compatible with the headset. We need to know a little more about different brain waves in order to understand how this data could be useful to know whether the child is concentrating on his studies or not.

There are actually three things that are displayed in the app as data sent by the sensors of the headset. The three things are attention meter, meditation meter and a bar graph showing fluctuating frequencies of different brain waves by different colors. Each brain wave has its own frequency range. For example, beta wave has the usual frequency range of 12 Hz to 40 Hz. If a person’s beta wave is going outside this range it may cause problem for him/her. For example, stress may be the result of beta wave frequency going higher than 40 Hz.

The range of gamma waves is 40 Hz to 100 Hz. The children facing learning disabilities have the frequency of gamma waves below 40 Hz. So the data, related to different frequencies of different brain waves, collected in the Brainwave Visualizer app can tell you a lot about the state of mind of the child. You should read this detailed article on about different brain waves and their functions in order to get a better grasp of this subject.

But again coming back to the point, whether your child is concentrating or not while studying, you should check the reading of eSense or attention meter (as mentioned earlier) at the time when your child is studying. If the child is concentrating hard on his studies, the reading of the eSense meter will be higher. If the child is relaxed with the brain and careless and not putting pressure on his brain to concentrate on his studies than the reading of the eSense meter will be very low. eSense meter is concerned with beta waves which is more about concentration, while meditation meter is all about alpha waves which is concerned with more of a relaxed or peaceful state with no real activity of the brain. The sensors in the headset can detect both the readings of alpha and beta brain waves and that is the real magic of this headset. You should watch this youtube video where a person is checking the reading of both the meters while in meditation state and also in the state of concentrating hard.

If you think carefully, this headset could actually be used in a number of different ways to read the state of mind of the people. For example, if there is a yoga teacher who is teaching meditation to his followers than he can easily detect all the brain waves frequencies and read the state of mind of all his followers using this headset. This will allow him to know about the students who are actually meditating seriously. As an individual also, one can make use of this product throughout his/her life to collect data on everyday basis and save it for future reference. This will help to know how the state of mind is changing with respect to the age, maturity and situations. Also if a child is taking drugs or alcohol his/her attention will be lost and his mind will be restless and not active at all. This will give a very low reading on attention meter. So in a way this headset helps you to know whether your child is somehow engaged in the activity of taking drugs or alcohol.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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