Wear this device in your hand and tap on any surface to type on phone

wearable strap to type without keypad or keyboard

If you hate or feel inconvenient while typing the text messages on your smartphone, than there is a way to type without using the keypad on your smartphone or tablet, and even keyboard on your computer. The solution is to use a wearable strap that can be inserted between your five fingers and can be held at the place where your fingers and hand meet together. It is quite similar to fingerless gloves. This strap is sometimes also called wearable technology as its a tech product which need to be fully charged before the use.

Once fully charged it can make a wireless connection with your smartphone, or tablet, or your computer using the bluetooth. Once the bluetooth connection is established, this strap let you make use of your fingers to tap on any surface (even you can use your pillow or head as your typing surface), and soft touch of different fingers with the surface will type different letters, wherever you want to type in any text typing application in your smartphone or tablet or computer. Here is a nice video review of this product. Also very popular things like twitter messages can also be sent by simply tapping on any surface.

Actually after wearing this strap each finger touch or a combination of two fingers touch on any surface will act as a separate letter. For example, the vowels A,E,I,O,U in the order are denoted by the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and small finger respectively of a right hand or a left hand. So, just touch your index finger on any surface and it will type the letter “E" on the text typing application in your smartphone. Just touching the finger on the surface is quite easy but important thing is to remember how each letter and number is denoted by single or different combinations of finger touch. This youtube video can help to learn which letter or number is represented by single or different combinations of finger touch. There is also an app called TapGenius which can be used to play a game, and through that game also one can learn to recognize the different letters represented by different fingers or combination of fingers.

There are not only numbers and letters on a computer or smartphone keyboard but there are also special characters and other useful keys. All these are also represented by certain combinations of finger touch. Just go through the video as mentioned in previous paragraph and that will tell everything. However, it will not make any difference whether you are a right handed person or a left handed one, as all the numbers, letters, special characters and other keys represented by a single or different combinations of fingers of one hand are also represented the same way by the other hand.

This is actually a very convenient way to type without using keypad or keyboard but its not good for someone who find it difficult to remember the letters and numbers represented by each finger. If you feel comfortable while writing with a pen than there is other solution. There is a Boogie board and a stylus pen set sold by a company called Kent displays Inc. Using the stylus pen one can write on the Boogie Board and that writing will come live on computer or tablet in real time. You can know more about this product in this another article. Just you need to make a wireless connection of the Boogie Board with your computer, or tablet, or smartphone for everything to work perfectly.

This Huion H610 Pro graphic tablet also does the same thing but it is more advanced and better than Boogie board. There are several tools in this graphic tablet which not only let you type text but also one can draw on the tablet and it will come live on computer in real time.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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