This device will throw balls at you to let you practice table tennis alone

table tennis robot

To be an expert player in the game of table tennis you need to practice a lot. Sometimes it is hard to find friends, or relatives, or someone else who can play with you so that you can practice a lot to make yourself perfect in the game. Also, if you are playing with a person who himself is not much good at playing this game, you are not facing the real challenge to improve your skills. So what is the solution then? The solution is a smart table tennis robot called trainerbot, developed by the USA based company also named as Trainerbot.

It is actually an automated machine in which 30-60 tennis balls can be inserted into it. This machine or robot can then be fixed on one end of the table at the same height as the height of the table. It can be fixed on the end corner of the table on one side at the center. From its location, the robot can be programmed to throw 30-60 balls, one by one, at your end where you will be facing and hitting the return shots. You can watch this youtube video to know how this robot can be used to practice table tennis on your own.

It is not a kind of robot that can move like a human being and continuously play table tennis with you. But it's just a 'still machine' to throw balls at you so that you can practice. However, it's face can be turned in different directions to throw the ball at your end in different ways. This robot is actually controlled by a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The app is available for free to be downloaded from any app store. The most interesting part is, this robot can even be programmed (using the app) to spin the ball in different ways while throwing at your end. This is something you really need to practice to face challenging shots from the opponent. The quality of spinning the ball is just one thing. The robot can also be programmed to throw smashing shots and even slow and tricky shots at your end. This gives an ability for both the advanced and immature players to practice in their own way. But once all the 30-60 balls are used by the robot, you need to collect and feed them into the robot again.

The robot can also be programmed to throw a ball which first lands on it's end itself and then it goes to your end, or it can be made to throw directly at your end of the table. So, this way it let you play both Ping Pong and table tennis. But the fact is, the robot can be programmed the way you like. Suppose you always lose in the game of table tennis while playing with your friend. Then what you can do is to make a video while playing with your friend, and that will let you know which particular shot of your friend is causing a problem for you. Once you know that, the same shot can be programmed in the robot to throw at you during practice with your robot. So it's an amazing tool to practice on your own and become an expert in the game of table tennis. Also, this robot doesn’t run through batteries and an external power supply can be used to operate it.This really saves you money on batteries.

Another interesting product related to table tennis is this instant table tennis. Sometimes you want to play table tennis on a table which is not the real table tennis table. It is just any table in your home and it could be of any size. Instant table tennis is a net which can be made to fit on any table of any size and you don’t need side bars to attach the net from both ends. There are two holders holding the net from both sides and those holders can be placed (and stretched) on any table and that will act as a net for the game of table tennis. This resolves the problem when its hard for you to find a suitable net when you want to make any table as a table tennis table.

This table tennis bat will give you a bearded face look once you bring it under your nose and this is good to make the opponent laugh and lose his game.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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