Once switched on this USB fan shows a clock display on its' rotating area

USB FAN with clock display

This USB fan could be useful to stay cool while camping or hiking without electricity. This is also really a very unusual USB fan in the sense that it shows a LED clock display on the rotating area of its blades, once the power button on the fan is switched ON to turn the fan ON. One cannot see a clock display as long as this USB fan is switched off, and it’s two blades are not rotating. The LED light powered clock display only appears once the blades of the fan starts rotating at the full speed. In a way this seems quite magical. Just watch this youtube video to see the product in action.

Since it is a USB fan, the one end of the USB cable, attached with this fan, can be inserted into the USB port of any USB enabled device. The other end is already fixed into the flexible handle of the fan and the handle, on the other hand, is fixed on the body of the fan itself. Now you simply need to press the power button, on the fan, to make it’s two blades to rotate. The clock display will automatically appear once the blades start rotating at full speed. Timings on the clock can also be set and adjusted by using another button on the fan.

This fan could be useful to cool oneself while on computer or laptop. The fan, however, does not have any base. But it’s handle is so flexible that it can easily stand upright and also can be rotated and positioned in different directions, so that the cooling air (of the fan) can be directed wherever or whichever direction you want. If you own a USB power adapter, you don’t even need a computer or laptop to run this fan. The fan can be easily powered by USB power adapter also. During camping or hiking, things like solar lantern can be used to power this fan and cool yourself. While away from home sunlight can be used to power a solar lantern and since it has a USB socket, it can easily be used to power the USB fan.

But this USB fan is not a branded product and mostly people are importing this item from China and selling on different online and offline retail stores. One can buy this item cheap on ebay or Amazon and also it can be directly imported from Chinese websites like aliexpress and alibaba.com. However, alibaba.com is only good if you want to import in bulk quantity. But on alibaba.com you can look for other different varieties of such USB fans.

There is, however, one more similar product that is even more interesting. This is also a USB fan but it shows some writings instead of the clock display. For example, by default (when you purchase it) it my display the writing “I Love You" when the fan is Switched ON. This writing related to love makes this product the best choice to gift to a boy friend or girl friend on several special occasions like birthdays, valentine day etc and when you want to confess your love to someone. But one another important fact is, this writing can be changed or customized, as per your requirements, using a micro USB cable and driver CD provided along with the purchasing package.

You simply need to connect this USB fan with your computer or laptop, and all the content in the driver cd need to be installed on your computer or laptop. Once you do that, driver software for this USB fan will be installed on your computer and using the software icon on the desktop, the writings can be changed. You can also make it “Happy Birthday" instead of “I Love You" depending upon the occasion you want to gift for. Also several writings can be shown appearing one by one as the display. Here is a nice video review of this product. This product can be bought online on banggood.com.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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