A paper airplane that takes a round trip and comes back to you automatically

Book by John M.Collins

This is a specially designed paper airplane by John M. Collins and he gave it "boomerang" as its name. This paper airplane is not controlled by any electronic module or device (like smartphone or remote control). It also doesn’t utilize any battery for its operation. Just throw or fly this airplane on your right side (with right hand) and after taking a half spherical round trip it will come on your left side, and you can catch this airplane on your left side with your left hand. Watch this airplane in action in this youtube video and the same video will also show its construction through a paper. The making of this paper airplane through various folds and cuts is the real thing that makes it to work that way.

John M.Collins is also the person who holds the Guinness Book of World Records for making the longest distance flying paper airplane. The paper airplane made by him traveled a distance of 226 feet, 10 inches (69.14m) before landing on the ground and its the world record. This youtube video shows the recording of that world record event. John M. Collins has come up with a book which is available for purchase on Amazon as well as official website of John M.Collins. The pages in the book can be torn to create 16 different models of planes including the Guinness Book records airplane and the amazing boomerang airplane as mentioned above. All the instructions and methods to make the 16 different models are given in the book.

Once you know how to make a paper airplane that can fly the longest distance, its all the great fun for the kids to make such aeroplanes on their own and fly. Tumbling wing is another paper airplane model which is quite unique in itself and its included along with Collin’s book. This paper airplane simply tumbles in air non-stop without falling on ground as long as you keep a cardboard support in front of it, while you are walking and moving ahead on the floor at the same time. Watch this airplane in action in this youtube video. This book could be a great gift idea for small kids who like airplanes.

However, there is one more book sold on Amazon through which one can make 200 different designs of paper airplane but only for 7 different models. These models, however, are not in anyway related to John M.Collins book models. There are total 200 designer pages in the book. All the pages have unique design. The small picture of a particular model is printed on each page to know which model of the paper airplane can be made by that page. The design on the plain paper won’t make much sense but once you make an airplane through it (by following instructions given in the book), you will see a definite design pattern the airplane will inherit. For example, the wings design on the plain paper will come as actual wings design on the folded wing portion of the paper airplane thus made. That is the beauty of this set. This is not possible in John M. Collins model airplanes as those are not based on designs but more geared towards functionality of the paper airplane.

There is one more interesting aeroplane toy for kids but its made from silver colored plastic with a propeller on it which is red in color. So its not a paper airplane but it can be attached to the handle of any bicycle. As the bicycle takes speed the propeller starts rotating and that is the real fun for bicycle riders. Basically kids would be interested in such things. Just watch this youtube video to see the product in action. Its available for purchase on Amazon only.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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