Control this paper airplane in air by movement of your head

powerup fpv

This paper airplane can help you to feel as if you are flying in air and also you can control it by movement of your head. This paper airplane is Powerup FPV. Its the same company which had launched Powerup 3.0 earlier. In Powerup 3.0 a module was clipped to a paper airplane and then it could fly in air and also can be controlled with the help of an app in the smartphone. But this Powerup FPV is even more exciting. This is also a paper airplane (with module) but there is a live streaming camera fitted at the back of the airplane. Due to this live streaming camera, wherever the airplane goes, it can be viewed live in your smartphone using the app in your smartphone which is particularly meant for this paper airplane vr drone. VR Drone here I mean virtual reality drone. This paper airplane is actually a virtual reality drone. If you don’t know about the unique concept of virtual reality than you can know more about it in this virtual reality headset article.

So Powerup FPV is not a normal paper airplane with a module which can be flown in air using an app in the smartphone. But its something more than that. It can actually be controlled by the movement of your head through Google cardboard. Google cardboard is a virtual reality headset. Your smartphone can be fitted inside this headset and then you need to wear this headset on your eyes. There are two lenses inside the Google cardboard through which you will look the live streaming of the paper airplane that is flying. Now you simply tilt you head in different directions to alter the direction of the movement of the airplane in the air. So this is how it works in terms of controlling the paper airplane. You can watch this youtube video to see how the movement of head is controlling the airplane. But the virtual reality nature of the Google cardboard takes the user experience one step further.

Suppose a football match is going live and you are watching it on your television with live streaming. If somehow a live streaming camera is fitted somewhere on the body of the football referee and the view through that camera is shown on your television, than as the referee moves on the ground, you can see the live streaming view of things around the referee. Same is the case with the live streaming camera fitted into the paper airplane. Wherever the airplane goes in air, the nearby view around the airplane will be visible on your smartphone.

But it will make a difference if you are not directly viewing the live streaming of paper airplane through the smartphone, but instead the smartphone is fitted inside the Google cardboard, and you are watching the live streaming of paper airplane through the lenses in the Google cardboard. What difference it will make while looking through Google cardboard? Actually the virtual reality nature of the Google cardboard will make you feel as if you are flying through the air riding a paper airplane. In a way, its a way to experience yourself as a pilot of a paper airplane. That is what the magic is of virtual reality. It makes you feel which you are actually not. This is really a great gift idea for kids who want to become future pilots.

I think, time is not far when things like live sports matches will also enter into virtual reality and than as the football referee (as given example above) moves on the football ground, you will feel your existence along with him on the ground (through virtual reality) and nothing could be more exciting and fascinating than that. However, there is one more interesting product which is a bionic bird which can also be controlled by an app in your smartphone. This bionic bird looks quite realistic. This is the best smartphone controlled bird which can be used to trick other real birds in the environment. You can know more about it in the link mentioned in previous line.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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