Get six different nutrients from a single dose of this liquid herbal extract


There is a herbal medicine in the form of liquid available for purchase at Amazon. The name of this medicine is Floradix and it is manufactured by a company called Salus UK Limited. Floradix is helpful in providing 6 essential nutrients to the body of a person who takes it on regular basis. The nutrients are in the concentrated form in this liquid herbal extract. These 6 nutrients are iron, vitamin C, vitamin B 12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2. You never know what you are eating everyday and if, due to some reasons, you are not able to eat certain foods required for certain specific nutrients, it may affect your health badly due to lack of those nutrients.

For example, lack of iron in the body may cause a disease called iron deficiency anemia and when you are suffering from this disease it makes you feel exhausted and fatigued with only little bit of exertion. There is a substance found in the red blood cells of the human body called hemoglobin and the job of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen from lungs (we inhale oxygen in air through lungs) to different parts of the body. Iron is an important component of hemoglobin and that is the reason without iron in the body, its hard to transport oxygen to different organs of the body. This actually makes you feel exhausted and fatigued when oxygen supply is not in sufficient quantity to the different parts of the body (source: Similarly, different nutrients are required for different functions in the body and life would be difficult due to lack of any one of these.

Its better to use a device like Vitastiq which can be used to measure the level of essential nutrients in the body anytime you want. Yes, anytime you want and within just minutes and at home or anywhere else. Just you need this device and a smartphone. This could save you lot of money in medical testing. Usually you come to know about a disease (due to lack of essential nutrients) once testing is carried out by the doctor. But with Vitastiq device you can check the status of essential nutrients on daily basis and that will alert you beforehand. So this is where Vitastiq is useful before you take any supplement or liquid herbal extract like Floradix (as mentioned above).

You never know which particular nutrient is lacking in your body. For example, you may even feel exhausted and fatigued if there is lack of nutrients like Vitamin B12, Magnesium and Omega-3 fatty acid (source: If you are feeling fatigued due to lack of Vitamin B12 and you are taking a supplement rich in iron than that is absolutely not going to help. That is why device like Vitastiq is needed which calculates the level of all the essential nutrients in your body and display the data in your smartphone. Once you know which essential nutrient is lacking in your body, it will help you to buy a supplement specifically meant to provide that deficit nutrient.

Here is a nice video telling everything about Floradix from Salus company. Iron is actually not in its direct form in Floradix. Ferrous Gluconate is actually present in Floradix which is the source of iron. There is almost 10-12% of iron in Ferrous Gluconate. So, though the company claims Floradix as a herbal liquid extract but still Ferrous Gluconate present in it should not be taken unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor. There are also some side effects in some cases for Ferrous Gluconate and you can know more about it in this particular page . But still 54% of Floradix is aqueous herbal extract obtained naturally from different plants roots, flowers and leaves like nettle leaf, carrot root, couch grass root, spinach leaf, roselle flower etc. Also 29.4% of Floradix is a mixture of fruit juice concentrates for good taste and flavour as well.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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