Press a simple button on this mug to stir liquid in it automatically

self stirring mug

There is a mug called self stirring mug. This mug or cup has got some special qualities. Sometimes when you are away from home, and you are at a place where you cannot find any handy tool to stir your milk, or coffee, or tea, or soup or any other drink then it becomes a problem. This problem can now be resolved with the help of this self stirring mug. At the base of this mug there is a rounded plastic enclosure exactly of same diameter as the mug base. This enclosure can be opened from the base of the mug and there you will find the slot to insert two AAA batteries.

Insert the two batteries and close the enclosure again. There is actually a rotating tool which is visible inside the mug at the center portion of its base, which does the actual job of stirring the liquid. There is also a power button on the top of the handle of this mug. Just make use of your thumb to press this power button and as soon as you do that, the rotating tool inside the mug will start rotating on its axis.

You can pour your drink inside the mug before switching on to the power button. Just add anything you want to mix with the drink or coffee or tea and the mug will automate the process of stirring it for you. Just you need to make sure not to fill the mug with the liquid upto 100% level otherwise the liquid may spill out of the mug. The liquid also rotates once the rotating tool rotates inside the mug and that is how the stirring works inside the mug.

But actually the mug can be closed from above through the lid provided, so that at the time of stirring the liquid won’t spill over. There is also one hole over the lid to check with the stirring or to drink through it once the liquid is ready. This self stirring mug is also available for purchase on this particular page on but it seems like it is more expensive here than Amazon (link mention above).

This is actually a China made item and you can find wholesale rates of this mug on this page on Basically people are importing this item in bulk from China and selling on their retail stores and retail websites. There is however, one more interesting mug that changes color on its outer surface once some hot liquid is poured into it. And once the liquid is cooled down or the mug is emptied, than the outer surface of the mug will retain its original color. This works, based on some concept.

But such color changing effect can be carried out on any mug, if you know the exact procedure to do it. Than you don’t need to buy any such color changing mug but this effect can be carried out on any plain design mug available at your home. Check out this youtube video and a girl is telling the exact procedure to make any mug as a color changing mug at home.

But if you don’t want to go into the details of that, this color changing mug can be bought online at Amazon. But this is also a China made item and several such mugs in different designs are available for purchase in wholesale on this particular page on Checking wholesale prices at alibaba is good to know before purchasing such items. The retailers may try to make lot of money through such non-branded items. Both these mugs are a great gift idea for people who are lazy to stir their beverage. If you are in USA you can buy this color chaning mug at because its really cheaper there.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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