A cordless phone that uses a SIM Card. Good for old people.

Binatone The Brick Power The Brick with charging station

There is a phone called the The Brick PW offered by a very old (established in 1958) British telecom company called Binatone. This phone is being sold on different online websites of different countries, as the company has distributors in many different countries of the world. The phone gives a look of a cordless phone but actually it is not a cordless phone, because it cannot be used to make or receive calls using fixed phone line coming through wires from telecom companies. Since it can be made to stand on its charging base station (desktop charger), its probability of giving a look like that of a cordless phone even increases more. The charging base station is provided to charge the phone. But in a real cordless phone, such base is provided to connect with the fixed phone line coming to your home from some telecom company.

So its a good phone to trick the guests arriving at your home. No one will be able to predict that it is a GSM phone and not a cordless phone. This phone actually has two slots, and you will know this once you open the phone from its back. One slot is for the SIM Card and other is for the SD Card. A SIM Card slot gives clear indication that it is a mobile phone and not cordless phone.

But only 2G SIM can be used in this phone. Once you enter the SIM Card, you will be able to make and receive calls through this unusual phone. The phone is also unusual in the sense that it can also be connected (paired), via bluetooth, with your smartphone. Once connected, this Binatone phone will work on behalf of your smartphone. I mean, the call you will receive on your smartphone will give a ring to the Binatone phone, and you can make use of Binatone phone to reply to those calls.

Similarly, you can make a call to anyone from your Binatone phone, and that call will be considered as going from your smartphone. The receiver of the call will see the call as being coming from your smartphone number. You actually don’t need to enter your SIM Card in the Binatone phone, if you have paired it with your smartphone. But definitely you will need a SIM card for your Binatone phone, if you want to make it as an independent phone and don’t want to pair it with your smartphone.

Here is a youtube video review of the phone where a SIM card is entered into the phone from its back. While here is another youtube video where SIM Card is not inserted and the phone is working only via bluetooth connection with the user’s smartphone.

The best part is, look of the phone is stylish and professional but very old fashioned at the same time. Company logo is also printed on both sides of the phone. The phone is also quite old fashioned in the sense that it does not run through an operating system (like Android and iOS). So no any touch screen and no any apps can be installed on the phone. Its basically a phone good for very old people who need buttons operated through their fingers while making calls.

However, the battery life and talk time of this phone is excellent. Battery of capacity 2000mAh comes along with this phone that need to be fitted, in the slot made for it, at the back of the phone. According to the user manual (under technical data) on official website, the battery can last for 3 months without the need for a recharge and talk time is 28 hrs. But according to a user review on snapdeal.com battery lasted 20 days after making an average of 5 min call a day, and playing music more than 1 hour through bluetooth. All the music stored on your smartphone can be played through this Binatone phone, once both are paired with each other.

Another great feature of this phone is that, it can also be used as a power bank. So what is a power bank? There is actually a port at the bottom of the phone. Any USB cable can be plugged into this port and using this USB cable, any USB based external device can be charged from it. For example, you can even charge your smartphone and tablets by using this port on Binatone phone. This phone can also be used as a torch light as there is an LED light fitted on the front of the phone, which can be operated through an app in the display of the phone. There are whole lot of other interesting features and you can know about these features by going through this user manual on official website of the company.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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