Fly this bird toy in air using your smartphone. Looks quite realistic.

bionic bird

This is a bionic bird which flies with the help of an app specifically developed to control it. Its a product made in France, and official website of the developers of this robotic bird is When you purchase this toy set, it will come up with a ready to use electronic bird with 2 wings and a tail. Two carbon fiber wings are attached on two sides of the body of the bionic bird, and a tail made from same carbon fiber material is attached on the back of the foam body of the bird.

This combination of four different parts (2 wings, a tail, central foam body) give the bionic bird a real bird structure. This unique bionic bird looks so realistic, that it may even be used to trick other birds and other people. The wings of this artificial bird are thin, and these wings actually flap (like of a real bird) while you fly the bird in air using your smartphone. See the product in action in this youtube video.

A device, in the shape of an egg, is also supplied along with the purchasing package of this toy set. This, egg like, power bank device need to be fully charged for at least 1-2 hrs, using the micro USB cable provided. Once this egg is fully charged, the contact point of the bionic bird need to be placed on the contact point of the egg, in order to charge the bionic bird also. But bionic bird will only take 10-12 minutes to charge once placed on the egg, and the bionic bird can be charged 12 times using the egg device before you again need to charge the egg. Once the bird has been fully charged its ready for flight.

There is also a small brush provided (along with the purchase) to clean all contact points before using this toy set. Now the app, associated with this bionic bird, need to be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. A QR code is printed on a VIP card provided along with the purchase. The free downloaded app (from any app store) will be activated only by the use of this QR code on the VIP Card.

Now, in order to know how the app can be used to control the bionic bird, just go through these tutorial videos on official website. Also this FAQ page on official website will tell you what smartphone devices are actually compatible with this toy set. Basically you need to simply pair your bird with your smartphone using bluetooth 4.1. Once paired, Switch On the power button in the app, and the wings of the bird will start flapping while you are holding the bird in your hands. This is the real indication that the bird is ready for flight, and now you simply need to release the bird from your hands by throwing it in air, and there you go.

Tilting the phone left or right will be used to change direction of the bird in the air. But initially you may fail to fly it properly, and one can master it only from practice. Just check out the 2nd half of this youtube video. First half of the video is the unboxing review. The person in the video failed thrice before he finally was successfully to fly it very high. The range of the flight will depend entirely on the version of the bluetooth. Since bluetooth version is 4.1, you can fly in a 100m range. An extra pair of wings are also provided, along with the purchasing package, in case your flight gets crashed and wings are broken. But the company claims the product is almost indestructible.

This product is a great gift idea for kids who want to be the future pilots. However, this product is actually quite similar to PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone controlled paper airplane which I mentioned in some earlier article. The only difference is, one is a paper airplane which is being flown using the mobile app, while the other is a bird flown using its mobile app. But the bionic bird actually looks more realistic and its also good to trick other birds, and even cats in indoor flights. Also, there is no any assembly required in bionic bird set. However, the wings and tails are limited for the bionic bird, and will cost more money to order extra, but paper airplanes are free to make but you need to keep the modules safe.

Bionic Bird is actually very expensive. Even with a bionic bird coupon code it cannot be much cheaper. If you need a similar product but much cheaper than you should go with this > Brainstorm Toys The Original Flying Bird. This toy is also exactly in the shape of a bird, and it will also fly like a real bird in the sky but for only a limited time period. It actually works through a mechanical handle and does not require any batteries, as it doesn't need to be charged. Just you need to rotate the mechanical handle 50 times, and than release the bird in the air and it will start flying. But it will come down to earth after a certain period of time. This product is also made in France. Here is the product in action in this nice youtube video.

There is one more interesting product which is a rocket toy that goes high in air when you kick its ass.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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