You don't need ears to listen through this headset. Good for deaf people.

bone conduction headphone Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

There is a headphone called Aftershokz Trekz Titanium. Aftershokz is a USA based company offering this product. This earphone has a special quality. You don't really need to fit this headphone on your ears, but instead, the earcups of the headphone are fitted on your cheekbones as shown in the above picture. Cheekbone, as you know, is the bone between the eye and ear just above your cheeks, on each side of your face. A beautiful lady is brushing on her cheekbones in this youtube video. That should give an idea. This headphone is actually based on bone conduction technology. Here is a video review of this product.

There is actually a hearing organ inside every human being which is called the inner ear. Also, there is outer ear and middle ear where eardrum is located. Through bone conduction technology, the sound directly comes to your hearing organ (inner ear) bypassing your eardrum. When you play the music, the cheekbones vibrate (as headphone is fitted on cheekbones) and thus sending audio signals to the inner ear directly, through bone conduction technology. In a way, you do not even need ears to listen by this headphone, unless you want to hear the outer world noises.

So, this is really a unique kind of earphone based on an old and unique technology. This technology was initially used on people whose eardrums stopped working (they lost their hearing capacity), and so the sound directly needed to be passed to the hearing organ through vibration of cheekbones. Aftershokz company is now utilizing this technology to make money from their headsets.

Actually this headphone vibrates a bit when music or any type of sound is played through it. Unless it vibrates, it cannot vibrate the cheekbones. And the bone conduction technology cannot work unless cheekbones vibrate. This may give little bit of uncomfort to the user but its not much noticeable. Also, considering that the user who is using this headphone is not a deaf, it will give two different types of sound to him. One sound (in the form of music or anything else you are playing) will be that coming from the headphone, while the other sound will be from the outer world coming through the eardrums.

It clearly indicates that this earphone is meant to be remain in the real world, and not simply 100% lost in your music world. In other words, if you are hearing your music (or anything else) through this headphone, and suddenly someone approaches you to talk to you, than you will also be able to hear, whatever the person is saying to you. You do not need to remove the headphone from your cheekbones, in order to talk to that person, like you do in the usual headphone which is utilizing an ear.

This product is actually good to prevent yourself from road accidents while jogging. If you are completely lost in your music world, using the usual earbuds or headphones, you can't even hear the blowing horn of a car approaching near you, and that may be dangerous. Many people are loosing their lives because of this. This Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headphone is a wireless device using bluetooth 4.1 technology. You can easily connect your smartphone (or any other sound playing device) with this headphone via bluetooth pairing. For more product details and specifications, you can visit this page on Its definitely a great gift idea for someone who is fond of music, or in general uses an earphone a lot. I think its time to replace an earphone with this product to be safe outdoor.

But there is one more thing to notice. If you are playing a music, the sound coming out through this Trekz Titanium headphone is not confined to you only. The problem is nearby people can also hear the sound, though it may be not that loud but still the sound is passing through, and thus limiting your privacy. Go through this video and you can find how loud the sound will be to nearby people, as a person is demonstrating that in the video.

Cochlear Implants is an electronic device which is another great product for deaf people. It has 2 portions. The external portion sits behind the ear while the other portion is surgically placed under the skin.Children and adults who are deaf or severely hard-of-hearing can be fitted for cochlear implants.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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