An unusual 2d lamp that gives a 3d look once lit up

Left image(after glow) is 3d, while right image(before glow) is 2d
3d optical illusion lamp 2d lamp

A lot of people are importing 3d optical illusion lamps from China, and selling them on different online retail websites. An optical illusion lamp is totally a different kind of lamp. This unusual lamp is actually a 2D lamp with only length and width and looks flat, as long as there is no light glowing in it. For example, just think of a plain paper. The flat plain paper, without being folded in any way, will be in 2d. Now, fold it in such a way that it becomes a hollow cylinder. Than this hollow cylinder, made out of paper, becomes in 3d. Similar is the case with optical illusion lamps.

Such lamps are flat, like a plain piece of paper in unfolded state, as mentioned above. But once you "Switch On" the button, for the light to glow in such lamps, these lamps start appearing in 3D (three dimension), though in reality they are in 2D. Such lamps are made from 5mm thick acrylic glass. Here is a nice video showing this 3d optical illusion effect in different types of lamps. The procedure to light up the lamp is also quite easy. Just need to fix the lamp on its base, and Switch On the power button, and you are done. These lamps also have very stylish and elegant design to fit best as the home decoration item. Also, the same base can be used to fit different designer optical illusion lamps.

The Chinese manufacturer of these lamps is selling them at here. If you look carefully, these 3d optical illusion lamps are available in different designs and shapes like a skull, love knot, balloons, hand, bulb, heart sign, Christmas tree, a ball, shoe, human face with one eye opened and other closed, globe etc. Out of these so many different types, some of them can be bought online at Amazon. Love knot is the most popular and I have given the link for it in previous line.

Here is a nice video showing the working of Love Knot optical illusion lamp in seven different colors. If you need in wholesale, these lamps can also be bought on another Chinese site Aliexpress has a buyer protection. It means, if you do not receive your product within 30 days of shipping, Aliexpress will refund your money. Whatever advance payment you make to the seller, it remains there with Aliexpress for 30 days, and never actually goes directly to the seller.

Also they offer free shipping if you choose ePacket shipping company, while ordering your goods. Just check out this video, where a person is telling, how safe and easy it is to deal through Aliexpress, and which shipping options you should choose, so that your goods don't get stuck with the customs. Its better to order directly from, if the lamps proved to be cheaper while ordering from there. This product is also one of the best gift ideas for people interested in home decor. Its something very unique and different.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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