This device will project a rainbow on the wall at night

rainbow projector on a wall

There is an interesting device called Uncle Milton's Rainbow in My Room. Uncle Milton is the name of the supplier, who is selling this, toy like lighting device, on Amazon. Basically, what this device can do, is to make a rainbow on a wall in a dark room. So this device is actually a rainbow projector. There are two different modes in the device to project two different colored rainbows. Also, it uses LED lights which consume very less electricity. This product is basically meant for kids to make their night colorful. It can also be used as a night lamp. It can be run using 4 AA batteries and also by an AC adapter.

Both the batteries and AC adapter are not supplied along with the purchase. Here is a nice video review of this product. Its made from high quality ABS plastic and so its safe and reliable. The functionality of the product can be understood with the help of this user manual, provided by Uncle Milton.

Actually, this same product is getting sold over internet in different brands. Basically, what the people are doing is, they are importing this item from China in bulk for only $3 or so, and then selling, at higher prices, on retail sites like Amazon. You can check the wholesale rates for this toy here on This gives clear indication, that the actual manufacturer of this product are the Chinese. This is because on, only Chinese manufacturers are selling.

So don't go over the brand. Buy it wherever its cheaper, as most of the suppliers are importing from the same Chinese manufacturer, and they are asking their Chinese supplier to add their own brand on the box. If you are in United States, this item can be bought online on

It won't be cheaper for you, if you import only 1 piece from China, as international shipping cost is very high for a single piece. It will only be cheaper if you import in bulk. As an experiment, a rainbow can also be seen on a white piece of paper, when sunlight is made to pass through a glass which is half-filled with water. Watch this youtube video to know exactly how it can be done.

Actually, all the seven colors you see in a rainbow, are already present in the sunlight rays, but its not in general visible to us through our naked eye. But all the seven colors become visible, when the sunlight is made to pass through a prism or a half-filled water glass.That is what the experiment is all about. This video will show you creating a rainbow, while passing sunlight through a prism. But this kids toy does a wonderful job to project a rainbow on a wall in the form of light, when there is actually no sunlight. The torch light here actually acts as the sunlight. This product could be a great gift idea for small kids. Rainbow on a wall would be quite fascinating for them.

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rainbow projector in a room

Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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