Write on this board and it will come live on computer in real time

Boogie Board Sync 9.7
There is a device called Boogie Board Sync 9.7 which is an LCD based e-writer. This electronic board has a slot on its right side for a pen, which is a stylus pen provided along with the purchase of Boogie Board. Using this pen, one can write or draw anything on the Boogie Board, and this writing or drawing can be seen, in real time, on a document in your computer, or smartphone, or tablet. But first, you need to connect this Boogie Board with your computer, or phone, or tablet via bluetooth. So, this is the major concept behind this magical board where you don't need any keyboard to write or draw on a document on your computer.

This could be an excellent gift for someone who hates to type using keyboard. This Boogie Board is also a good product for those who don't have good typing speed. They can now simply write fast on this board (using the pen provided) and all the writings could be directly saved to a computer, or smartphone, or a tablet, in real time. See this product in action in this youtube video.

There is also an erase button on the board, and you simply need to press this button to erase everything that was written or drawn previously. The only problem is, there is no such thing to erase only a particular portion of the drawing or writing. So, right now, this is a big drawback, but the company should implement this facility in newer versions of this device. Also, whatever you wrote on the Boogie board can be saved in the internal memory of the board itself, and whenever you connect this board (via bluetooth or USB cable) to the computer, all the saved files will sync automatically to your computer, or android device, or Apple devices.

There is a save button near the erase button on the board to save. So you don't really need to be connected in real time (via bluetooth), with your computer, to write on the Boogie Board. Just write first on the board and save it and later make a connection with the computer, via bluetooth, to transfer data to your computer. The complete working and more features of this unique product could be understood by going through this user manual on the official website of the company.

But this product is actually nothing as compared to another similar product called Huion H610 Pro Graphic Tablet. This tablet has more advanced features where you can draw in colors, make sketches or write text, and all will be instantly displayed on your computer in any kind of format you like. Here, you also have the option to erase particular portion of your text, or drawing, as there are 8 different tools (in the form of buttons) on the left side of this graphic tablet to perform different tasks.

You can know more about this product by visiting the link mentioned above. Best of all, its even cheaper than Boogie Board Sync. There is one more interesting product where you can draw or write on a paper (not digital board), and it will be live on the tablet in real time. You can know more about it in the article > Now make a good drawing even if you are not an artist of high calibre. There is also one more unusual pen product called Stereoscopic Printing Pen through which you can draw in air in three dimensional.

This wearable strap let you type on your smartphone or tablet by simply tapping your fingers on any surface.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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