A kids ride-on car that moves without pedaling and battery

5 wheel kids car
PlaSmart Inc is the Canada based distributor of a kids ride-on toy called PlasmaCar. This PlasmaCar is professionally built and have some special qualities. The company have distributors in more than 60 countries, and they are able to grow their network, only because of the quality of their kids products. PlasmaCar is sturdy and highly durable and so a long lasting rider toy. Its so durable, that it can withstand as much as 220 pounds of weight on its body. Just watch this youtube video and you will find a young lady driving the rider car while sitting on it. A young lady have much more weight than a child, and this gives an idea about the durability of the product.

But the real thing is that, there are no pedals in this rider toy for the child to make it move forward. Also, it doesn't have any inbuilt motor to run it through batteries. So, no any sort of electronics involved. Also, the kids don't really need to push their feet on the ground to make it move forward. Footrests are provided on both sides of the PlasmaCar where the kids need to put their feet to rest them, instead of moving them in any way. What really works is the steering wheel, that makes this rider toy to move forward. The child simply need to turn the steering wheel first left, and then right, and then again left and right, in a continuous and repeated manner to make the toy car move forward. Its called back and forth self-propelling activity.

Actually, there are total 5 wheels in this car. The three wheels in the front are joined in such a way that it forms a triangle, and are connected through the steering wheel which, as mentioned earlier, is the main driving force. There are two more wheels at the back portion of the toy car. Though there are lot of cool videos for the review of this product, but this particular video gives the complete idea, how exactly this car toy should be driven, by using the steering wheel. The small boy in the video is doing a great job to drive it perfectly. There are also no brakes. You simply need to put the feet on the ground to stop this kids vehicle. The steering wheel should be rotated to 180 degree to go in reverse direction.

But there are also certain exceptions. This kids vehicle doesn't work on rough and uneven surfaces like grass. A smooth, even and flat surface is important for this vehicle. This would work great indoors on marble surfaces. There is special warning by the company not to use this car on wooden surfaces as its wheels may damage the wooden surfaces. Also its hard to self-propel it on a rising slope. Flat surface is must and downward slope as you know works for every vehicle. This product is surely a great gift idea for kids above 3 years of age.If you are in USA this item can be bought online on sites like toysrus.com.

There is one more such product. But its different and more exciting. The child simply need to stand on this balancing product, and pedal left and right (again and again), in order to keep balance and move forward at the same time. This is called Tobar Pedal Racer and you can know more about it by visiting the link.

Strider is another bicycle brand, for kids above 3 years, where there is no any pedal provided on the bicycle and it runs only on two wheels. This is for grown up kids who are just the beginners and want to learn cycling on two wheels. Strider is also the only company which provides a kids helmet along with every bicycle you buy. The company has distributors all over the world. For US the company website is striderbike.com.

This headset will let you know if your child is concentrating on his/her studies or not.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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