This device generates different sounds to be used in video recording

sound machine burp and fart
This toy is a very small and pocket friendly sound machine, giving out 16 different unusual sounds. There are total 16 buttons on the sound machine and each button produces different and unique sound and also some of them play music. Most popular sounds like fart and burp are used by many youngsters to trick people. These sounds are so realistic, that it amuse people and make them laugh. If you want to experience fun of this kind, you should watch this youtube video for fart pranks and this another youtube video for eating and burp sound pranks in a public library. If you want to hear all the 16 sounds of this sound machine just go to this youtube video for the complete product review.

This sound machine, produced by NPW, can be purchased online on sites like Amazon where it has got great reviews. I would say, this is the best toy to prank with friends and relatives. There are also more such sound machines sold on Amazon with more different sounds. So if you buy 2-3 different sound machines, you can have 32-48 different sounds to prank with, or use for other purposes like when you need specific type of sounds (for example laughing, clapping, applause sounds, cheering sounds etc) while creating youtube videos or short funny movies. This sould machine is also useful if you need background music for your videos. Some sound machines also generate animal sounds and so even good for teaching toddlers about different animal sounds. Also this is not expensive at all and a great fun and enjoyment for children.

There is, however, one more interesting toy if you want to make real fun out of fart sound. This fart sound toy can be controlled by a remote control, and works up to 100 feet away. Just keep this toy near two people who are sitting close to each other. I am sorry I am laughing even while I am writing. Now make use of the remote control at a far away place to produce the fart sound near the two people. Both people will blame each other, while you will remain safe, though you will be the real culprit.

But I am not finished yet. There is one more very exciting product which is a pen holder. This is a plastic made pen holder with an anus (asshole). Just put the pen in the asshole and it will generate a fart sound. This unique product can also be bought online on Amazon. is also selling here an alarm clock which will fart you awake in the morning. This is also an unusual product (see picture below). All these four products are great gift ideas for kids who are funny and want to create fun all around.

alarm clock which will fart

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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