This is best gift for a child who want to experience virtual reality

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack
There is a toy like device called View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack. This device is based on the concept of virtual reality. While sleeping, when you see dreams, you actually forget the real world, and you find yourself in a new virtual world. Virtual Reality is quite similar to dreams, but still more realistic and clear than dreams. This View-Master device takes a child to a virtual world (dream world) when the child looks through this device. One can consider Virtual Reality as a lucid dream. Lucid dream is way of dreaming when you actually know you are dreaming. So the child looking through the device is not completely lost in the virtual world, and still aware that he is temporarily in the virtual world, and can get out of it by removing the device from his eyes whenever he wants.

Just like the world you see in dreams is different from the real world, similarly the world you see through View-Master device is different from the real world, and you see everything around you in 360 degree. You will feel like you are emerged into the 360 degree environment around you. The type of virtual world you will see, through this toy device, will depend on the type of experience pack, and its relevant app you are using in the device. Actually you need to insert your smartphone into this View-Master device before you can start using it. And there are some 4-5 free apps provided by the company to experience the virtual world. You need to install these apps in your smartphone, and then this smartphone need to be inserted into the slot created for it into the device.

But you need to make sure your smartphone is compatible with this device. Just visit this FAQ Page on the company website and click on "What devices do you support?". There you will find the complete list of smartphones the device is compatible with. Interesting thing is that, through some advanced virtual reality headset devices, not only one can experience the unusual virtual world, but one can also interact with this virtual world in a meaningful way.

For example, first time when you will look through such device you will find certain virtual menu options, and you need to put a finger on a particular option to select that option to proceed further. This selecting will work great to proceed further, and that proves one can interact with the virtual world. Your finger will be somewhere in air in the real world, while you are selecting the menu option in the virtual world, but still it works in the virtual world. But this is only possible in advanced virtual reality headsets, but not in this kids device. A button on the side of the device can be used to do the same in this kids device. Here is a nice youtube video showing a boy interacting with the virtual world using his hands, and its working through an advanced virtual reality headset called Oculus Drift DK2 and Leap Motion.

Certain apps may make you feel as if you are under a deep sea and viewing different water born animals all around you. Now, since you are inside the water in a sea in the virtual world, it doesn't mean you will get wet in the real world by that virtual water in the virtual world. That is the reason, I said, you can only interact in a meaningful way in the virtual world, but not in a full way. That will depend on how the app has been developed. A bomb in the virtual world may explode in a virtual way, once you touch it with your finger, if the app has been designed so. So here the interaction is again possible with the virtual world. But explosion of bomb will not make your physical body to die.

But this View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack works in a slightly different way than other advanced virtual reality headsets. When you purchase this starter pack, it also comes up with an experience pack, and each experience pack is associated with an app. Three other experience packs can be purchased separately. These experience packs are nothing but the virtual reality content you need to experience different worlds of virtual reality. Visit Mattel official website to know more about these packs. Here is a nice video review of this unique product. This is one of the best gift ideas for kids who are tech-savvy.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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