This kids robot can be programmed to even pour milk and serve cookies

dot and dash
Bigger one is Dash Robot and smaller one is Dot Robot in picture

Just watch this youtube video and you will find how this robotic toy called Dot is being used to pour milk into a, glass made, cup. Just you need to press a button on the top of the Dot Robot, and then simply tilt it, and the pulley machine (containing the milk bottle) will also get tilted, and the milk will start pouring into the cup. Here, pulley machine (also a robot) is being programmed to follow instructions from Dot Robot. So as the Dot was tilted, pulley machine also got tilted.

Similarly, when you shake the Dot robot a piece of cookie will fall into the plate. This happened because another robot called Dash (in blue color with a structure like three balls attached with each other) is following the shaking command given by the Dot Robot. Since the cookies are sitting on the Dash robot with a support, so when the Dash Robot shakes (following command from Dot Robot), the support on it also shakes, and as a result a cookie is served on the plate, due to jerk from a long tool attached to the support.

Actually, the time has come now when these unusual robotic toys can be programmed to follow the instructions or orders given by your children. Not only these robots can be controlled by various screen touch buttons in your smartphone app, but also one robot can be made to follow instructions given by another robot, and this is what we saw in the example given above. Dot and Dash Robot Pack is actually a very popular kids robotic playset, which is even used in schools to teach children about basic programming.

Both Dot and Dash Robots (see picture above) are controlled by free apps provided by the developer company called Wonder Workshop. Till now (as I am writing) only 5 free apps have been launched by the company, and these 5 apps are 1) Wonder 2) Blockly 3) Xylo 4) Path and 5) Go. Blockly is the most advanced app, and this app was used to pour milk and serve cookies as mentioned in the example above. All these apps can be downloaded for free from any app store but this robotic playset is not free.

You should watch five different videos, in order to understand how the 5 free apps in your smartphone can be used, to control the Dot and Dash Robots in so many different ways. These 5 videos are as below.

1) This video is for the Go App which is most basic, and you should start with it, if you are new. This is to move the Dash Robot forward, backward, and sideways, and produce different sounds from it. Also speed of robot can be increased or decreased.

2) This video is for the Path App, where the robot can be made to follow a specific path while moving, and also lot of other functions are possible. Its simply amazing. Just draw a circle on the app, and the robot will follow a circular path on the floor.

3) This video is for the Wonder App which is quite advanced app to create one's own program. There are whole lot of things that can be done on the robot using this program. For example, by just clapping you can make the robot to dance.

4) This video is to know about the Blockly App, which is most advanced app, and nothing is impossible for this app. Its the best app to customize the robot in any way you like. If you want to make the robot to move just 10cm, than it will move that much only.

5) This video is to know about the Xylo app, which you will only need, if you want the robot to play xylophone. This xylophone is sold separately, as an accessory, by the company, and you need this app only if you bought xylophone.

The Dot and Dash Robots do not run simultaneously with all the free apps. If you are running them with a particular app, the functions related to other apps won't work. This product is definitely a great gift idea. However, this playset is quite similar to 3 other fantastic robotic sets, as mentioned in another article of this site > 3 Best robotic toys that can be operated with smartphone apps. There are also certain robotic toys that can be controlled by hand gestures.Just use your hands to direct them as you like.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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