An unusual study lamp which looks like a handbag in folded state

handbag+lamp lamp+handbag
This is really an interesting product. This looks like a portable handbag with a chain, in the folded state. But once you unfold it from the side, it becomes a study lamp. But this doesn't really work as a handbag, though it is in the shape of a handbag in the folded state. This is because there is no any mouth of this handbag to insert something into it. Also the chain is not real and its just a chain like design. Its main purpose is to use it like an LED lamp. There is also an ON/OFF switch button to turn the light ON or OFF in the lamp. You can watch this youtube video to see this product in action. Once you unfold it, the resulting lamp has a flexible handle which can be folded and rotated to point the light (in the lamp) wherever you want. This is definitely a good lamp to be used by students at night during their exams. This is also a great gift idea for those who do lot of studies and research work. Children can also use it for late night studies.

As you can see in the video you don't need to plug this lamp to an AC outlet for it to work as it runs on inbuilt batteries (600mAh) and these batteries can be recharged with the AC adapter provided. The Lamp can run for 5-6 hrs with a single charge. The product I am talking about is available for purchase on LED lights have the quality to consume less current and so these can be run through even rechargeable batteries. The body of the handbag is made of high quality plastic while its handle is metallic in nature. In the folded state, the handle works as something to grip by hand for the handbag, while in the unfolded state, it acts like a flexible rotating handle to point the light of the lamp in different directions . The product is also available in different colors. Its light weight and its size is 128 x 60 x 132 mm according to

This item can also be bought in wholesale on sites like and it would be much cheaper then. These Chinese people can even customize your product as per your requirements as they are the original manufacturer. If you need this product for retailing they can also put your own brand on it. Lots of people are doing this way. They import from China in wholesale and sell on retail websites at higher prices. If you need 1 or 2 pieces for personal use than best is to buy at They ship worldwide and so it doesn't matter where you are located in the world. They have advanced shipping calculator on their website for all countries.

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Once light up this 2d lamp will give a 3d look

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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