This smartphone can be used to watch 3d content without 3d glasses

Holographic 3d smartphone

Till now it was possible to watch 3d movies using a pair of 3d glasses only. But now a Chinese company, Estar Technology Group Co. Ltd, has come up with a phone called Takee 1 Holographic Smartphone which allow you to watch 3d movies, and even play 3d games, without even wearing the 3d glasses. This is the first and only smartphone in the world, with holographic effects, without the need for wearing 3d glasses. But the problem is, one cannot see and experience the 3d effects over internet unless you actually own this phone. The 3d effects are only visible to the user whose eyes are not more than 10m away from the phone. But this official video gives some idea how 3d content will look through this phone. Also the picture of the phone above gives the basic idea about the 3d effect.

If a user is watching 3d effects live on this phone, and if someone is filming a video of the user than these 3d effects (as experienced by the user) cannot be seen in the video just captured. That is the reason, no any video over internet can let you experience the 3d effects, and the only way to do it is to buy the phone. But definitely these 3d effects are as good to experience as when you experience them in general using glasses in a cinema theatre or TV or desktop computers, but on a smaller screen. However, this four sided pyramid can be used to display those images which are in your smartphone, as 3d images on 4 vertical surfaces of the pyramid after placing the pyramid on the screen of the smartphone.

For a detailed review of this phone you can watch this youtube video. But actually you need some 3d content to experience the 3d effects. This phone, however, is not such that you watch any movie in it and it will become a 3d movie. You need to have 3d movies and 3d enabled games installed in the phone to experience the 3d effects. For that, there is a pre-installed app in the phone called Holographic Space. This is the place where you need to go in the phone, to get access to all the free 3d content you need (provided by the company) whether it is 3d movies or 3d games or 3d photos.

Holo Game is another app (similar to Google Play Store) in the Takee 1 that can be used to download the free and paid 3d games. Google Play store is already installed in the phone to download and play the usual free and paid games. The phone has 2GB RAM which is quite good. This product is definitely a great gift idea for 3d lovers.

In 3d effects, you feel like, as if some three dimensional virtual image (which you are watching in the phone) has come out of the phone screen right in front of your eyes but only for a moment. But this is nothing unusual of what Microsoft has come up with. Microsoft has developed a unique device called HoloLens. HoloLens is a headset which will create a virtual world in the real world you see with your naked eye. You play lot of games on the computer or mobile phone screen right?.

What if the same game can be played somewhere in the air in the real world? Like playing the game in air just above the sofa in your drawing room? This is now possible through holographic technology. The characters in the game will be operated in air and not on your computer or phone screen. This is just one example and there are unlimited possibilities through Hologram or augmented reality technology. You should watch this official video from Microsoft to know more about their latest product called HoloLens and you will better know what I am talking about.

Another exciting technology is the Virtual Reality which is even more interesting than Hologram and augmented reality. Virtual Reality takes you to virtual world completely (you go out of real world) which looks quite realistic to you, and you can also interect with the virtual world in a meaningful way. You can know more about it in the article > A headset that takes you to the other realm.

But I do not think it matter much, whether you need to wear 3d glasses or not while watching a 3d movie, when the 3d glasses can be made for free at home. To watch 3d movies on a computer or smartphone, basically, what you need is the 3D Anaglyph Glasses and here is a nice youtube video showing how to make these glasses at home with minimum cost. The other things needed to play 3d movie on your computer is the media player (supporting 3d) and the 3d content and both are possible once you download this 5kplayer specifically meant for that purpose.

Here is a nice video to turn your existing smartphone into a 3d hologram projector.

This small device will alert you if you are forgetting your smartphone somewhere.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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