This egg device will let you know once eggs are perfectly boiled

There is an egg called BeepEgg. This egg is not a real eating egg, but a type of device perfectly in the shape of an egg. It is being manufactured in Germany, and exported to many countries including UK and USA. The idea behind the creation of this BeepEgg is to make it function like an egg timer. BeepEgg can actually detect when the real eggs have reached their boiling point. Just you need to put BeepEgg along with other real eggs, while boiling the real eggs in any container.

The real eggs are the eggs you will be boiling to eat, while BeepEgg is just a device, which can withstand the heat (or cold), and will not get damaged, once placed with real eggs in the container for boiling. BeepEgg works like a thermometer, and measure the temperature of the boiling eggs. Also it can detect the hardness of the yolk and shell of the egg, and accordingly it starts playing tunes, once the desired degree of hardness and temperature has been reached. See this product in action in this youtube video.

Just one BeepEgg is enough, to be used with as many real eggs you want to be boiled. Three different tunes are played, according to the level of degree of hardness reached during the boiling of eggs. These three tunes you can actually hear now by going to this page from manufacturer's website. Just click the three different play buttons on the black background, and the tunes will instantly come up.

These three different tunes are for soft-boiled eggs, medium soft-boiled eggs and hard boiled eggs. This has been done as different people need different degree of hardness according to their taste. The usual BeepEgg is called Classic BeepEgg, but the company has also come up with the golden BeepEgg, which is 24 carat gold-plated. Gold-plated BeepEgg have the same functionality, but it looks more professional when you want to gift it to someone.

The unique thing about this BeepEgg product is that, even if you take it to Himalayas or at sea level, it will work the same way, as this device is independent of surrounding temperature. This may not be the case with other egg-timers in the market. It runs through an inbuilt battery which can last upto 1.5 years. If you are in USA this product can be bought at

If you are in UK this can be bought at Amazon and The yellow color given to this egg looks very professional. While using the BeepEgg, just you need to make sure to put it in the pan at the same time, when you are putting other eating eggs into it. It must not be so, that the boiling of eggs is already half way down, and than you put BeepEgg at that time.

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This egg tray will let you know in your smartphone the number of eggs in it when connected wirelessly with the smartphone. This will really help you to know if you need to buy more eggs or not when you are at the shopping center after checking the stock at home in your smartphone.

If you do not need an egg device than there is also an egg boiler machine called Andrew James Electric Egg Boiler which does the same thing as BeepEgg (mentioned above). This also play three tunes according to the hardness reached. In this machine, however, only 7 eggs can be boiled at a time. See the picture of this egg boiler as below.

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Egg Boiler Machine

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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