Clip this beer mat from your nose to make different funny faces

face mat drink mat
There is an item called face mat designed and sold by Paladone, UK's major wholesale gift supplier. It is also called drinking mat or beer mat as this is used to put a glass of beer or any other drink over it to protect the surface from stains. But there are different unusual mouth expressions painted on these fun mats. By purchasing just one set you get twenty different face mats with a total of 40 different mouth expressions. Twenty different mats must have only 20 different mouth expressions but its not so. Actually two different mouth expressions are painted on both side of a single face mat. So this makes it 40 instead of only 20.

I am saying mouth expression and not face expression because this face mat can only be clipped from your nose and goes below the nose, and so it represents only different mouth expressions as mouth is just below the nose. This youtube video should give an idea what the product is all about. Once the mouth expression changes, it definitely changes the expression of the whole face and that is what the fun is all about.

It will not look nice to directly introduce this product as a fun item in the party unless it is a Halloween party. Better would be to serve this item along with drinks as a beer mat or drink mat. Then the item will make a buzz on its own once people will start looking at it. This item can be bought online on sites like and Amazon. These face mats represent many different mouth expressions like mouth with a smile, mouth showing horrible teeth, moustache over mouth, kissing mouth, the tongue outside the mouth for teasing, laughing mouth expression, big mouth of a black person etc. All these expressions will make you look funny.

Another exciting product that can also change the face expression is the pick your nose cup. Just drink anything using this cup, and your face and mouth will look different and funny (in side pose) than the normal. These cups are great to serve at parties and make fun out of it. See picture below.

pick your nose cup

Another great item that can create a buzz in the party is the dancing water speakers. Just connect this speaker to any music playing device and start the music. The mineral water in the speaker will start dancing with the music beats. The LED lights will also start flashing. Just visit the link mentioned above to know more.

This table tennis bat will give you a bearded face look once you bring it under your nose and this is good enough to make the opponent laugh and loose his game.

Here are 3 toys that can make your hands look unusual to others

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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