This device can help to make your child more active in life

LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker
There is a device called LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker. This is really a cool wristband device which encourages 4-7 years children to become more active. Since it is sold by LeapFrog toy company it is often called LeapBand. As long as this LeapBand is active on your child's wrist, it will keep tracking the child's activity throughout the day. All the activities of your child like running, walking, dancing, sleeping etc will be tracked by this Leapband device. All these activities will be calculated and represented by a number, and this number will be displayed on the screen once your device is in the ON mode. This number is often called joules. However there is no any unit associated with this number and it will be a simple number.

More joules you have in your device, more active you are and that is the major concept. There is a tendency among the kids to earn more joules, in order to compete with their friends or siblings, provided they are also using this device. This in turn encourage them to become more active in real life. There is an activity sensor inside the device. This sensor helps to track all activities of the child when the device is gripped with the wrist of the child. Here is a nice video review of this product.

But this is not the only way to earn joules. Joules can also be earned while being active with the eight virtual pets inside the device. The child can initially select a particular pet, and give it a name and color. Then the child can earn joules by interacting with the pet in different ways. The interaction will happen by playing games with the pet and following instructions given on screen (by an audio voice inbuilt in the device system) to perform different tasks with the pet, with the help of three buttons which are integrated with the Leapband device. There are four main buttons on the device : Star Button, Left Scroll Button, Right Scroll Button and Activity Challenge Button.

Using these buttons the different tasks that can be performed with the pet are like nurturing, feeding, washing and playing 2 inbuilt games (Pet Boogie and Pet Chef). More the interaction more will be the joules earned. But interaction with other pets cannot be unlocked unless the level 1 (with the first pet) is completed. A new pet actually can only be unlocked after every 4 days. The paw mark on the LeapBands home screen indicates how close you are to unlocking your next pet. The level of green bar around the edges on front home screen shows the level of joules earned. The graphics on the screen also look very professional from a professional toy brand.

But before you can start using this Leapband activity device, it need to be fully charged and that can be easily done by connecting the device, using the USB cable provided, with your computer. The device is only half charged when it arrives at your home once you purchased it. So it is ready to use (as being half charged). But you need to download LeapFrog Connect software (11 MB only) and install it in your computer. Then when you connect your Leapband with the computer (using USB cable) all the data in the software will get transferred to the LeapBand activity device and the display will appear on the device and the device will be ready to use and operate. The device will also display the current time on the home screen and so it can also be used as a watch. There are also three modes for parental control and you can read more about those modes in this product manual.

The monthly, weekly and daily activity data (joules) collected through the device can also be transferred (by auto sync) to the software and the data can be seen by parents on the computer or laptop. This is really an awesome product and a great gift idea for kids between 4 to 7 years of age. This device is actually quite similar to another same type of activity device meant for pets which I mentioned in one earlier article.This device can fit into dog collar and can help to check with your dog health. Tracks all the dog activities.

This headset will let you know if your child is concentrating on his/her studies or not.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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