Use these lighting gloves to give turning signals on the road

LED gloves with finger covering Lighting gloves with fingers uncovered

Zackees gloves are a unique product that can be used by cyclists to give signals to nearby vehicles. A cyclist need to give a signal, while taking a turn on the road, to prevent himself from sudden strikes by other vehicles. This is where these Zackees gloves are useful. These gloves are equipped with LED lights. As soon as you touch your thump with the index finger, the LED light starts glowing (while you are wearing the gloves) and this is what the signal is. This is possible to do with both left hand and right hand glove. If you want to take a left turn, simply touch your left thumb with the left index finger, and the LED light on the left glove will start blinking, giving a left turn signal and vice versa. Once you separate your thumb with the finger the light will stop blinking. So this is how it works. Here is a nice video review of this product.

There is one coin cell battery fitted into each glove and this provides the power for the light to glow. There gloves are also equipped with a light sensor which can detect the brightness of light in the environment. During the day time, when there is sunlight, the sensor passes more current from the battery for the LED light in the glove to glow brighter (as its hard to see glowing light in day time). While during night, the sensor passes less current to the LED light in the glove to save battery power, as during night time just a small glow of the LED light is enough to give signal in the dark. The company also provides a specific charger (along with the purchasing package) to charge the coin cell batteries and after using three weeks or so you need to recharge your batteries. So the battery can also last for quite long. A pair of extra batteries is also provided for immediate use in emergencies.

The company (Zackees) is manufacturing two types of gloves. Gloves without fingers and gloves with fingers. Gloves without fingers do not have any cloth covering on the finger portion and so your fingers remain free in air without any sort of covering. While opposite is the case with gloves with fingers. Gloves with fingers are basically meant for winter season when you need to cover your fingers as well to protect from cold. Gloves without fingers are meant for summer. But it depends entirely on the user which gloves he/she is comfortable with. This youtube video is quite good to get some idea about the manufacturing process. This unique product is definitely a great gift idea for people who uses bicycles a lot as transportation mode. Also these gloves are attention seeking (due to blinking LED lights) and so good for young kids who need attention from their girl friends.

These gloves are also machine washable. Just you need to make sure to remove the batteries before washing them. These gloves are made from very comfortable leather with an absorbent towel around the thumb. This is a highly recommended product for cyclists. Zackees is a USA based brand but it is now getting sold all over the world.

This fitness tracker acts as a coach and tells a cyclist through audio voices how close he is for his targeted level of workout.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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