This device will excite your child to brush his teeth everyday

brushing game Playbrush

The fact is that many kids don't really like to brush their teeth everyday, but there is a device to make them do so. The device is Playbrush developed by team. This is a type of device which is particularly designed to insert any type of regular tooth brush in it. But the tooth brush must be a manual toothbrush and not the electronic one. The Playbrush device has a tube like structure (see picture above), with more surface area at the base than at the mouth, at the top. This tube like device is made from high quality flexible rubber that gives a good grip.

The mouth of the Playbrush has a standard width, which fits to 90% of today's toothbrushes, and so its easy to insert the most modern toothbrushes in it, and they are tightly packed due to elasticity of the rubber. The base of the Playbrush, however, can be separated from the main body. Once separated, you will find a micro USB port on the base. The USB cable (provided along with the purchasing package) should be inserted in this port to charge the base, and again this base can be fitted with the main body of the Playbrush. So this is how we need to charge the Playbrush while using for the first time. The recharging is only needed after 3 to 4 weeks. Here is a nice video review of the product.

There are certain arrows marked on the base and main body of the Playbrush. The base and main body of the Playbrush should be joined in such a way that the arrows are aligned along the same line, and also the face of the brush (inserted in the Playbrush) should also be in the same alignment. This alignment is important to play a game in your smartphone while you are brushing. If not aligned properly brushing won't do anything in the game. Moving the brush (with attached Playbrush device) inside your mouth in left side, right side, top and bottom will act as the different keys for playing the game in your smartphone, or ipad, or iphone. Just watch this youtube video and you will be able to see how a lady is playing a game while brushing her teeth.

You cannot just play any game with this unique Playbrush device. You need to download the first game called Utoothia associated with this device, and install it in your phone. This first game acts as an app for the Playbrush device. Once first game is downloaded and installed in your phone, than all other games provided by the developers can also be downloaded for free and installed. Click here to download all games associated with this gaming product. But all these games can only be played via your toothbrush (inserted in the Playbrush). The sensors inside the Playbrush device can track the brushing actions, and these sensors actually help to play the game. This product is really a great gift idea for those who hate to brush.

But it will be difficult to play this brushing toy game unless the phone is right in front of you. There is also a solution for this. Just buy this anti-gravity case which will let your smartphone to stick to any surface. It can even stick to glass and tiles in the bathroom. This is really the best product you can buy along with the playbrush.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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