Attach this device to the collar of the dog to check his 24 hr activities

fitbark dog activity tracker

If you want to know how active your dog is, as compared to other similar dog breeds, than there is a device called Fitbark developed and promoted by a USA based company, Fitbark Inc.. Fitbark is a very small device, in the shape of a stylish dog bone, and it can easily be attached with the collar of the dog (using elastic bands provided along with the purchase), as long as the the width of the collar is less than or equal to 30mm (1.18 inch). As the collar is worn on the neck of the dog permanently, the Fitbark device remains attached to the collar permanently, and thus helping to track the activities of the dog throughout the day (24 hrs). This unique device is equipped with necessary sensors to track the movement of the dog, and thus helping to get all the physical activity data. Here is a nice video review of this product.

The device collects three different types of data. First one is play time data, which is calculated when your dog is quite active, and is either running, or walking fast or slowly. 2nd type of data is active time data which is calculated when your dog is not much active, but showing small movements of body parts while sitting or standing. 3rd type of data is the rest time data, when the dog is more or less sleeping. These three types of data are displayed as points or numbers (without any unit) in an app. This smartphone app can be downloaded free from any app store.

Actually, whatever activity data are collected, by the sensors of the Fitbark device, are sync into your smartphone app once the device is paired (connected) with your smartphone, using bluetooth or Wi-Fi base station. But first of all Fitbark need to be fully charged using the USB cable provided. One charge can last for 10-14 days. Once fully charged, the device can be attached to the collar of your dog, and it will start collecting activity data 24/7.

You don't need your smartphone to be near the Fitbark device, to collect activity data, because that is done by the sensors of the device. The connection between your smartphone and Fitbark is only needed to sync or transfer data (collected by the sensors) to your smartphone app, so that you can check this activity data on your phone. You will be first forced to open an account in your name with Fitbark while installing the app. Then in the app you need to add information related to your dog like breed, age, owner name etc.

All the Fitbark users, all over the world, need to provide the necessary information related to their dog in their respective account. Also the daily and weekly activity data, related to their dog, will also be displayed in the respective user's account. But the company is making a database of all its Fitbark users data, and compiling it to display on a single screen, where any user can see any other user's dog related data and thus helping to compare. Also one user can contact any other user using the app itself. In other words, its a growing community to interact with people having similar dog breeds or otherwise.

The company also provide a default activity data (in numbers without a unit say 6000 or 7000) in each user's account for their type of breed. If your dog's activity data is falling short of the default data, make sure to make your dog more active in order to achieve the activity data as given by company as default. If your dog is ill, the activity data may indicate it with lower numbers, and this number may also help your veterinary physician. This product is a perfect gift idea for dog lovers.

Just like fitbark is for dogs there is a similar product for kids. This is a wristband for kids which can track all the activities of the child throughout the day. This will let your child to be more active as he needs to earn more joules (by being more active) to compete with friends.

This fitness tracker acts as a coach and tells you through audio voice how close you are for your targeted level of workout.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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