This Adob software can make a video from photos taken in a sequence

Below is picture of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6
Adope Photoshop Lightroom 6

Suppose, you are standing on the seashore and watching a ship or a boat moving on the sea very far away from you. The ship is in a continuous motion over the sea. If you have with you a very high-quality DSLR camera, with inbuilt intervalometer, then it is possible that you can automate the capturing of the photo of the moving ship, in succession of a certain period of time (say after every 5 seconds). You don't need to manually click the shutter button to take a picture, but the camera automatically takes a picture after regular interval of time (as set by you), due to an inbuilt intervalometer. If intervalometer is not inbuilt in your camera, it can also be added externally.

The camera is in the still state (not moving) while capturing the photo. Suppose the camera captured a total of 24 photos in 2 minutes (1 photo every 5 sec). In each photo, the ship will still be visible, though the camera was at rest (not moving) while capturing the photo. This is because the ship was too far to move out of the scene in the camera lens, within 2 minutes of successive photo capturing. When you capture a photo from too far, it gives a broader view and as a result of the ship never moves out of the scene. If you even take 500 such successive photos with a time lapse of 5 seconds, the ship will still be visible in each photo though giving a slightly different location in each photo.

Now the product I am talking about is a software from Adobe called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (the latest version is Lightroom 6 for Windows 8). This software is simply amazing to make a time-lapse video of a series of successive photos you took. Such time-lapse videos are a delight to watch as you will see the ship, water and clouds moving in an unusual way, and it's really very easy to produce such videos using Adobe Lightroom software. Just watch this amazing video from start to finish, and you will see a person demonstrating how to take successive photos using the intervalometer, and then using the Adobe software to make a time-lapse video. He has made the whole procedure from start to end so easy to understand. You will see the time-lapse video scene at the end of the video once that person gives away his website address. But if you want to experience how a times-lap video looks like then watch this youtube video. It's totally time-lapse from start to finish.

As mentioned earlier that when the ship is too far than even capturing photos in succession from a still camera (camera at rest) was not excluding the ship from the scene, as seen through the camera lens. But it may also be that the ship is near enough in distance to go out of sight in the camera lens while capturing the photo in succession with a still camera. In that case a unique product like TurnsPro Time-lapse Camera Mount could be useful. TurnsPro is the USA based company making this product. This is a stand (also called mount) which starts rotating 360 degrees (or any degree you want) once it is placed on a tripod, or otherwise, and operated through the provided battery. Most of the DSLR cameras and smartphones and even Gopro Cameras can be fixed on this mount. This will let all these photo capturing devices to rotate or move while taking successive photos with a time-lapse. Just watch this youtube video that tells everything about how this mount works. This product could be very useful in making time-lapse videos, and a great gift idea.

But there is no need of any software or mount if you have heard about this very unusual camera, that takes a photo in all directions in 360 degrees in a single shot when thrown in the air. The photo captured comes instantly live (as panorama view video) when you watch the photo captured through this camera on your smartphone. But this is somewhat different concept than the one mentioned in this article.

Below is the picture of TurnsPro Time lapse Camera Mount

TurnsPro Time lapse Camera Mount

In above picture a camera is shown to be standing on the Turnspro mount.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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