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lighting bulb with changing color

To make your lamp both dim and bright you can use a specific lighting bulb called Avea Bulb which can be easily fitted into any lamp. This bulb can also be customized for colors in different shades. I mean to say, the bulb will emit light in different colors once you start controlling it with the specific app made for it called Elgato Avea app. The app is free to download and it is compatible with most iphones, ipads, tablets and android phones. But the app is meant to control this Avea bulb only, and it is not meant for any other company bulbs. So you need to buy this specific Avea bulb only, and its available for purchase on many online websites including Amazon and Currys. Here is a nice video review of this product.

This unique bulb understands the commands given by the app, but first, you need to pair it with the app in your smartphone. Pairing is quite easy to do by simply downloading the app, and installing it in your smartphone. Once fully installed, just bring the bulb near the phone, and the app will be able to recognize this bulb, and with a push of a button it can be easily paired via bluetooth. You can also give a specific name to this bulb, to identity it separately, in case you are using more than 1 Avia bulb in your home all connected through the same smartphone, or iphone, or ipad. Once paired you don't need to keep your smartphone near the bulb all the time for it to glow. The pairing works only in a 10m range as its done through bluetooth 4.0 and not wi-fi. Also you need to make sure to keep the bulb in the off mode before pairing otherwise the pairing will not work. I mean to say just when you are ready to pair (when smartphone is near the bulb) than switch on the bulb.

Once paired the magic begins. In the app you will find different options for color shades (for different moods), and all those shades can be applied to the bulb, but only one at a time. The different color shades are like Magic Hour, Northern Glow, Cherry Blossom, Mountain Breeze, Fairy Woods, Wake-Up Light etc. Just tap on any color shade in the app and the bulb will be start illuminating with that color shade. Also there are solid colors, instead of shades of colors for different moods. Another great feature is that the intensity of color and light can also be controlled by simply moving the slider on the app for if whether you need dim light or bright light or light color or dark color.

The bulb can also wake you up in the morning with bird chirping sounds and flashing light. If you own an Apple Watch this bulb can also be controlled by it once the same app is installed in the watch. Also the bulb is made of LED light which does not consume much electricity and its environmentally friendly. The best way to use this bulb is to use it in a lamp as individually it is not powerful enough to lit the whole room. This is an excellent gift idea. It is also quite portable and just take it with you while you are traveling during holidays. It can used in any hotel room. Just replace the hotel room bulb with it and control it via your phone.

But if you need some lighting system with more advanced features and three bulbs in a single kit than just go for Philips Hue Wireless LED Lighting. Philips is an excellent brand for LED lighting but this lighting kit will prove to be costly. Another great product related to lighting could be this unusual Dancing Water Speaker. There is some mineral water in the enclosed speaker and the water dances and LED lights blink wonderfully once any type of music is played via the speaker.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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