Control your toys by hand gestures using this armband

This is Myo Armband picture worn on the arm with Sphero on ground
Myo Armband + Sphero

Usually people control electronic toys through a remote control or smartphone. But now its time to control some of them even by body gestures. Sphero 2.0 is one such robotic toy that can be controlled by hand gestures. But, as usual, it can also be controlled by an app in your smartphone. If you don't know about gestures than to let you know its simply giving instructions by different movements of hands and fingers, in different ways, rather than using keys on smartphones (or remote control keys or computer keys). Here is a nice video showing how a person is controlling the sphero 2.0 via hand gestures. If you look at the video carefully, you will find the person wearing Myo Armband, which is doing all gesturing. Right now, it will prove to be very costly to control Sphero by gestures as the only way to do it is to buy Myo armband which is quite costly. Myo armband is specifically meant to control many electronic devices and robotic toys by body gestures including the Sphero.

Since its an armband (not wristband), you simply need to wear it on your arm and the gestures will start working. But just wearing is not enough, but it need to be first connected with Sphero via bluetooth. I mean there should be a pairing done before the gesture function starts working. There is a specific app (called Myo + Sphero) that should be used for the pairing. Just go to this page of iTune app store and download the app into your smartphone. Once downloaded, follow instructions on the app to connect both Myo armband and Sphero with the smartphone first. Once both are connected with the smartphone (via bluetooth), they will automatically pair with each other, and you are done. Once pairing is complete gestures will start working to control the Sphero Robotic toy.

Within the app you will also get the directions on what type of gestures will do what kind of action on the Sphero toy. Or visit this page of official website, and check on the right side under the heading Controls for all the hand action photos in the form of gestures and what each gesture will do. Three more robotic toys that can be controlled by hand gestures are BB-8, Ollie and Parrot Jumping Sumo and all these can be paired with your smartphone using the same app as mentioned for Sphero toy above, except Parrot Jumping Sumo for which the app can be downloaded here. All these 4 robotic electronic toys and Myo Armband are a great gift ideas.

Myo Armband is also good enough to control even the websites on chrome browser through hand gestures. The developers are constantly working to bring more and more applications to be controlled by gestures and this technology is really going to be the future. Myo Armand is expensive and if you need the same technology with cheaper price then you should go with Leap Motion Controller.

This device will help you to run or play your battery operated toys for many extended days by recycling their battery life.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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