Draw the exact same picture as in your ipad in real time using Osmo

draw a picture using Osmo

Osmo is a new technology that helps you draw (with little bit of practice) anything on a piece of paper, exactly the same picture, as what you see on your iPad. I saw this product on Amazon with great reviews. Suppose you took the photo of your mother, or father, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, or anyone else, using the camera on your tablet and saved it. Now this same picture or photo can be drawn on a piece of paper using Osmo. Osmo is actually an award winner gaming system, that also can help you to draw pictures. When you purchase this gaming system, it will come up with an Osmo Stand, Osmo reflective mirror and several other things, to interact with your ipad.

First you need to place your iPad on the Osmo stand, and then clip the Osmo mirror at the top of the tablet just above the webcam (the camera of your ipad). This Osmo mirror is actually the technology, that will create an interactive area, just in front of the iPad, and this is exactly the area where you need to place your piece of paper to draw. The Osmo stand (base) and the Osmo mirror, are the two main components, working behind this technology. Osmo Masterpiece is the name given to this development.

When you place your pencil or pen on the paper (where you want to draw), than, with the help of the reflecting mirror technology, this pen or pencil will be reflected on the photo of your mother or father as in the ipad. As you move your pen on the paper, this move will also reflect on the photo of the ipad. If you think carefully, this is what you need to draw. In order to draw, simply move your pen on the paper in a way, so that, the reflecting pen on the ipad photo moves over its borders to create the sketch, and keep doing it unless you draw the whole figure. So that is how it helps you to draw any picture or photo.

Here is a nice video illustrating this type of drawing. It is also possible to draw the face of a person, while giving body of some other character to that face. Infect, there are lot of possibilities. Also once the drawing has been completed, it can be sent to your friends or relatives, and when they will see the drawing, it will not be a single still picture, but it will be a moving picture showing the start of drawing, and when it finishes till the end. This is something very unique and unusual.

But Osmo is only compatible with Apple Tablets (iPads), and so you need to make sure your device is compatible before you purchase. Just go to this FAQ page on official website, and you will be able to know which ipad models it is compatible with. Also you need to download and install the free app on your ipad meant for this technology to work.

But Osmo is not only meant for drawing, it can also be used to play several unusual games, by the same mirror reflecting technology as mentioned above to draw. Till date, the company has provided with 5 different games to play with Osmo, but they have the future plan to add more to the list. You can know more about these games on the official website of Osmo.

But if you need something that can help you to draw on computer, or laptop, while you are drawing on the ground surface, than there is another product called Huion H610 Pro tablet. You will need to buy this tablet itself, and that will help to draw on your computer, or laptop, as you draw on the hard screen of the tablet. Just visit the above link to know more about this unique gift product.

But I can also tell you about one more pen product that can help you to drawn in 3D. You might have drawn a three dimensional picture of a cube on a sheet of paper, but how about drawing this same cube as a three dimensional structure in the physical world, and that also with the help of a pen? Its possible and you can know more about it in the article based on Stereoscopic Printing Pen.

This device can help if your typing speed is very slow
This human figure puppet will let you to draw pictures in different poses and animate different characters with great ease.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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