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Kids play video games but need new games time to time. Bloxels is one of the most exciting and unique gaming platform to make your own games and play. Pixel Press Technology, LLC is a USA based company, behind the development and marketing of this kids friendly and easy to use gaming platform. Here is a nice video review of this product. This game first need to be purchased in the physical form from the official website or any other place where it is being sold. In its physical form it will come up with a plastic made gameboard with 13*13 slots giving a total of 169 slots. The gameboard is exactly in a square shape. Then there are small fixed size (exactly the size as the slots) plastic cubes in large number. These small cubes are called blocks and these are eight different types with eight different colors. These 8 different blocks are meant to create 8 different things in the game according to their colors as below.

Green block > creates walls, terrain, buildings, platforms.
Yellow block > creates coins to use wherever you want.
Sky blue block > creates water to jump over or swim.
Navy blue or purple block > creates enemy to attack the hero or character.
Pink block > Getting Power like a bomb to blow up a wall or get more energy.
Orange block > creates elements that can be exploding.
Indian Red block > creates hazard or obstacle like fire, lava or spikes.
White block > story block (create signs with text or characters for directions).

You have to use these blocks to place in different slots in the gameboard in the same order and manner as you want your game screen layout to be designed. These blocks are 8 different types but they are provided in large number when you purchase this playset. Whatever order and manner the blocks will be placed, in different slots on the gameboard, would become your game screen in the play room and the character (Hero of the game) will move in this game screen, with all the different features and powers and platform, as mentioned by the blocks on the gameboard. This is so because a snapshot of the physical gameboard (once blocks are fixed in different slots as mentioned earlier) will be taken, using the camera in your tablet or ipad or smartphone, and this snapshot will be stored in the Bloxels app, which you will need to download and that can be downloaded free from any app store.

Once the screenshot of the gameboard has been taken using the tablet, this screenshot can be made live as the game screen, using the specific keys provided in the app for the creation of game screen for 1 single playroom (or level). All the blocks then can be removed from the physical gameboard and put them again in different order, manner and sequence (as per your requirements) to create another game screen for the 2nd playroom or 2nd level of the game. Likewise a total of 169 playrooms can created in a single game and all the game screens can be combined together to make one single game, however long you want, just like Super Mario. But you also need to create a character (the hero) to cross all the hurdles created in the game and finally reach the destination. The character can also be created using the blocks in the gameboard and the app and all things are customizable including character, background, intensity of jump etc.

You should watch all the different tutorial videos as mentioned here on official website and you will be able to know everything. Its quite easy and interesting. This product is really good to gift someone. However, you cannot create and play games on your computer or laptop, using this Bloxels app, as its still not compatible with desktops and laptops while I am writing. However, the company is planning to make it compatible in near future. So before you purchase this unusual product you need to make sure about the compatibility of the device, you will be using, to run and play this toy set. Not only desktops or laptops but many other smartphones or tablets may even be not compatible.

This table tennis trainerbot or robot can be used to throw spinning and smashing shots at your end of the table for you to practice.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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