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Electronics learning kit
The electronic kit I am talking about is John Adams Hot Wires Electronics Kit. To be honest, if your kid want to learn about the basics of electronics, and you haven't yet bought this toy kit to him/her, than really your child is missing something. This is one of the most basic, and simplest form of electronic kit, to fully understand the concepts behind the working of various electronic components like diode, capacitor, resistor, transistor, microphone, power and sound recording IC unit, motor, batteries, base board, LED etc. There are around 25 ready to use electronic components, and all you have to do is to snap the components together, as per the instructions, for making a particular circuit, in any given experiment mentioned in the booklet.

The child (must be 8 years or above) is made to engage in creating different circuits, for carrying out different experiments, mentioned in the booklet. All the different circuits are created on the base board provided. The child is not supposed to engage in any type of wiring work, as the components are in ready to use state, with wiring done already within them. The child only need to snap the pieces of components together to make different circuits, and complete the experiments. Here is a nice video review of this unique and useful product.

Different experiments show different uses of the components, and thus the child learn a lot about the principles of electronics. All the different circuits made in different experiments are activated by water, sound, touch, light etc. For example, if the experiment is to run a small fan (plastic fan already provided along with the kit), than all the instructions and components needed, to make the circuit to run the fan, is already mentioned in the page of the booklet showing that experiment. Just by touch, the fan will start running once the circuit is made to complete, using the different components.

You should visit this product page from official website, to download the booklet (from 1 to 9) in PDF formet, where all the experiments are mentioned, and this will help you to understand the electronic kit even before you purchase it. This kit available for purchase on and if you are in UK.

Another important thing is the use of batteries (Direct Current (DC)) to carry out the different experiments. None of the experiments involve the use of Alternative Current (electricity), which could be dangerous for a child, who is just new to this electronics stuff. Still, the kit should be used under the supervision of an adult, as short circuits may occur if components are wrongly connected, and does not follow the instructions mentioned in the experiments. This may completely damage the battery or the components. Four batteries needed for the experiments are not provided along with the kit, and need to be purchased separately. Around 100 different experiments can be carried out, using this kit, and all are mentioned in the booklet for which I gave you the link above.

If you need some examples of different types of experiments carried out, than these are like powering the motor and fan, reversing the direction of the fan, testing different products for being a good conductor or bad conductor of electricity, creating simple LED circuit, sound effects and amplifying sound effects, making a burglar alarm, making a working FM radio etc. Actually sky is the limit, of what you can do with this kit, and its best seller electronic kit in UK.

Learning electronics will be a child's play using this kit and this could also be one of the best gifts to present someone who is interested in electronics. If you need something similar, but with cheaper prices, than you should go with Snap Circuits Jr. - SC-100 electronic kit. This is as exciting as the one mentioned above, but involve less components. The electronic projects that can be made are more than 100.

Also there is one more similar electronic kit by which different puzzles can be solved, and virtual circuit faults can be corrected on tablet, using electronic blocks, which is quite unique concept in itself.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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