This helmet let you look back without using side view mirrors and without turning your face back

Skully AR-1 Helmet
Some new motorbike drivers are not used to look at side view mirrors to see the vehicles running on their back. For them there is a helmet called Skully AR-1. This is really an unusual safety helmet, that let you see all that is exactly 180 degree behind you, while you are driving your motorbike, and you also don't need to turn your face back, left or right, to see everything behind you. In a way its a third eye on the back of your head. So now, there is no need of reflecting side mirrors to see other vehicles running at your back.

When you wear the helmet there appears a virtual display in front of your eyes. This is not a normal display, but it is an augmented reality head-up display (HUD). If you have never heard of or seen augmented reality display you can watch this youtube video. At around 1.10 min in the video, you will see a virtual display, showing the speed of the bike, and direction arrows in front of the eyes of the person who is driving the motorbike.

This picture shows virtual head-up display in a car

This virtual display shows the information (like speed of bike and GPS enabled direction arrows) right in front of the eyes on a virtual screen, and this virtual screen will be seen, even farther away from the real helmet screen, which is covering your face. This helps the biker to focus in front, rather than, looking for the information on some real screen near the handle of the bike, for which the head has to be turned down, and thus loosing the front focus on the road. In other words, Head Up Display (HUD) makes the journey safer by displaying information on a virtual screen which is exactly in front of the eye.

Just check this another youtube video and you will find HUD in a car as well, and Google glass is another great example utilizing the principle of augmented reality. You can also buy a printer called LifePrint which is also based on augmented reality, and it prints photos instantly on the go, and photos come live through augmented reality.

You only need to buy this helmet, and just wear it while driving, and you will be able to access the information right in front of your eyes on virtual screen through HUD. The most amazing thing is the rear view camera feed, with 180 degree view angle, displayed via HUD of the helmet, that, not only let you see all the scene exactly behind you, while you are driving, but also on left and right, without ever turning your head or eyes. This is something very unique and unusual for a layman.

Turn by turn GPS tracking is also displayed by HUD of the helmet, and also other vehicle telemetry such as speed, gear, tachometer etc. The display is actually an extension of a person's peripheral vision, and is fitted on the right side of the Skully AR-1 helmet for its firm attachment.

The major problem with this product is its battery life and cost. The battery may last only for 6-8 hrs of continuous use, and you need to recharge it, and full recharging may take 2-3 hrs again. But this recharging can be done for for 3-5 years which is about 800 charges. There is also an app associated with this helmet, and it can be downloaded free from any app store.

The app can be downloaded on your smartphone, and it is the app only that is going to help you to control the helmet's GPS navigation, music system, bluetooth connection and firmware updates. The only reason you should buy this product is to experience a new technology which is quite new and unique. This is also a good product to gift someone, specially to a family member who drives a lot. Right now, as I am writing, the product is only available for purchase (pre-order only) only on the official website

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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