This gun has a hidden camera to record anything from it

ECS-12 Blaster Gun Nerf
There is a gun you through which you can secretly make a video or take pictures, as no one will know that there is an inbuilt camera in it, and that way you will not need a smartphone or a camera to make a video. The gun I am talking about is Nerf N-strike Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster. Hasbro is the original manufacturer of this product. This is the only kids gun of its kind, which can do the recording, whenever you shoot the darts (foam bullets) from it. You don't actually need to shoot the darts to carry out the recording, but there is an in-built camera in the gun, and this camera is operated through a LED screen, fitted on the gun, in front of the shooter. Just you need to look through this screen (a webcam) and aim, to do the recording, or take a picture.

There are three main keys or buttons at the base of the screen. One is the power button, and this would turn the screen ON or OFF, according to, when you want to use the screen, or you don't want to use it. There are total 8 AA batteries required to operate this gun. Even without using the screen the darts can be fired from this toy gun. Here is a nice video review of this unique toy product.

Video screen on the gun
video on gun

Two more buttons on the base of the screen are for picture mode and camera mode. Just press the picture mode button, if you want to take a picture, but it won't take a picture and it will simply change the screen for the picture mode. There is another button on the side of the gun, which actually need to be pressed or clicked to take a picture. This same button is also pressed to start the recording (while filming through video), and press again to stop the recording, but you need to be in video mode, for this the same button to work for > taking a video. In other words, the same button need to be used, for either taking a picture or shooting a video, but you need to first, either switch into the picture mode, or video mode (as per your requirements), through picture and video mode buttons on the base of the screen.

But it is not so, that the camera will take a picture or shoot a video as you fire the darts. There is nothing like that. If you want to fire darts, you need to use the trigger button, which is a different button than the one used for taking a picture or video. But filming through video can still be ON and live, even while you are playing and firing darts with the gun. All the firing you did will be recorded in the video.

The display on the screen will appear only once you Power On the button, on the base of the screen, and also you need to insert the memory card in the slot provided on this toy gun. All the pictures and videos you took, can be instantly viewed, on the playback screen itself, by press of a mini button. The memory card (4GB) is provided to save the videos and pictures in it, and later take them into your computer, or laptop, or any other device which has a memory card slot. Once your videos and pictures are on your computer, or laptop, these can easily be shared with your friends. The memory card can hold upto 2000 pictures and 100 min video, and after that you need to delete the older ones to store new pictures and videos.

There are total 12 darts, that can be fired one by one using this gun at a time. These darts are harmless but not to shoot them on someone's eye. This product can be purchased online on sites like Argos and if you are in UK and walmart and ToysRus if you are in USA.

This unusual item is really good to gift someone. Since its just a kids gun, the range of the firing is not much, and its only 85 feet, and its not good for precise aiming, as the foam bullets are light weight, which can easily change direction in the direction of the wind, but good for home usage by kids. You can also check out more aiming toys for precise aiming, and long distance range in the article 3 best toys to make your child busy with aiming but these won't be having a camera.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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