This is for you if you don't like the taste of apple cider vinegar

berry fruit tablets
These berry fruit tablets will turn the bad taste of apple cider vinegar into sweet taste. Also sometimes you need to take a lot of medicines due to illness or disease. These medicines sometimes are so bad in taste that you feel like vomiting. You don't feel like eating anything due to bad taste and you loose your appetite. Now there is a solution to this bad taste problem in the form of miracle berry fruit tablets. These tablets are 100% natural as they are made from a miracle berry fruit imported from West Africa. There are total 10 tablets enclosed in a single sealed sheet of box packaging. You simply need to pick up just one tablet from it and put it on your tongue and let it completely dissolve over the tongue for a minute or so. Now start tasting all the bitter and sour foods and you will realize that many of these foods (but not all) will turn sweet in taste. So this is the real use of this unusual tablet made from miracle berry.

However it may not work with all eatables. You need to try out what it is working with and what not. The effect is sometimes also neutral for some of the foods. This product is available for purchase on and if you are in UK. If you are in USA you can buy this tablet on and

This miracle berry tablet was also tested on some people in a UK based comedy chat show called The Graham Norton Show and there were mixed results. The same miracle berry tablet worked for one person but failed for the other while it was the same drink that was given to both of them after they chew the tablet. Being a comedy show, the fun on the show however was simply amazing. You can watch the recordings of this show on this youtube video and it will give better idea about the usability of this product based on tests.

Some kids even are forced by parents to take certain nutrition in their milk or any other drink while they don't like the taste. Just one miracle berry tablet before the drink may help with the bad taste. But definitely there is nothing guaranteed as no one still could understand the exact science behind the working of the miracle berry. The folks at have tested and according to them the tablet really turns the taste extremely sweet for things like lemon and vinegar.

According to Wikipedia Miracle berry (of which the tablet is made of) actually contains a glycoprotein called Miraculin which itself is not sweet but when the taste buds of human being comes in contact with it, acidic foods which are generally sour in taste are perceived as sweet. In order to understand the concept better you should know about the plant which gives miracle berry fruit.

This plant is Synsepalum dulcificum and it grows in the tropics of West Africa. In Africa also the berry fruit coming out from this plant is used to sweeten palm wine. According to CNN some hospitals are even trying this unique product to test them on cancer patients to restore their appetite after chemotheraphy treatments have left them with the dulled taste buds.

This herbal medicine provides 6 essential nutrients in a single dose.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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