Throw this spherical camera in upword direction to take a snapshot in 360 degree

Panono camera

This camera is very useful for taking group photos (see 4th paragraph below for details).

This is a very unique and useful camera developed and promoted by a Berlin, Germany based company called Panono (official website Jonas Pfell is the founder and CEO of the company, and he is the master mind behind this creation. The camera is also called Panono camera (in the name of the company), and till date this is the only camera of its kind in the world, with highest resolution of 108 megapixel. Higher resolution cameras can actually give better quality photos, which are crystal clear and sharp, and not blurred. If you want to know how high resolution can help just read this article on

This camera is in the shape of a ball. If you see the picture of this camera carefully, you will find several short holes, at regular intervals, on the outer surface of the camera. These are actually not the holes, but these are 36 lenses spread all over the outer surface of the camera, to take the photos of everything around the camera (or everything around the person using the camera), in all directions (with a 360 * 360 degree view) in a single shot or click.

There are different ways to take photos using this camera. Most unique way is to throw the camera ball in upward vertical direction, and at the highest point of its reach, it automatically takes a snapshot of everything around it in 3 dimension (in 360 degree), using its 36 lenses. Just watch this wonderful video to know about 4 different ways to take a picture using Panono. Sometimes you take a photo but, due to old memories, you are not able to know at which place that photo was taken. But, if we can have a 360 degree view of this photo, than its possible to remember where actually the photo was taken, as it gives more hint about the surrounding area. This is because the 360 degree view shows everything around that moment when photo was taken. This is where this Panono camera is useful.

Suppose you are a group of 50 people, and you want to take a picture and cover of all of 50 people in a single photo. But the lens is so small that all the 50 people cannot fit into a single shoot, and so here is where panorama view comes handy. Panono camera is specialist in giving panoramic photos. Just visit the official twitter page of this company, and you can see lot of such panoramic photos. Panorama is actually a function of the camera, to take multiple photos, in a sequence, as you shoot. Using imaging software, these photos can later be stitched together to create one large panoramic image. But many cameras, including Panono, has inbuilt stitching facility and that is the best part of this camera.

In the example mentioned above, of 50 people, the camera will take a series of close photos of the 50 people, and then automatically stitch together these photos to ultimately give only a single photo, showing all the 50 people in it, which was our goal. So the photo, which cannot cover all 50 people, is now able to cover them all using panoramas. But what if you want to extend panorama even more by covering distant areas on all sides of the 50 people? This is also possible through this wonderful Panono camera because of its high resolution, and 36 lenses as mentioned earlier.

The company has provided with an app associated with this camera.The app can be downloaded for free from any app store. Once downloaded, this app can be used to view panorama of your taken photos in 360 degree. These are simply amazing photos covering every nearby area of the snapshot taken. Just you need to scroll left or right to see all the scenes of the taken photo in 360 degree. Also you can use the touch screen to zoom in and zoom out panorama view. Also these panoramas can be viewed on Panono website but you need to have an account with the site, which is easy to acquire, by going to the official website, and signing up. Just watch these below 3 amazing videos, and it will clear everything regarding the functionality and usage of the camera.

This video tells about how to take a panorama using the Panono camera

This video tells about how to use Panono web app to view panoramas of your photos

This video tells about how to throw Panono in air to take a snapshot

To know more about all other features visit

This product is still in production and its getting harder for company to fulfill all pre-orders. So better buy this product once it is readily available in the market. Else your investment will be blocked in pre-orders. This item is also a great gift to present someone.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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