Use these stainless steel cubes to chill drink: ice cubes dilute your drink so not good

stainless steel whiskey cubes
When you use ice cubes (taken from your freezer) in your drink, the melting ice in the drink add cold water to your drink, and so your drink cannot remain pure in its original form affecting the taste, flavor and quantity, though it may chill your drink. But what about chilling your drink, without the use of ice cubes taken from the freezer in your refrigerator? There is a seller and supplier on Amazon called Yukiss who is offering a set of 8 stainless steel made cubes, and these cubes can be put in your freezer, and this will allow them to work the same way as ice cubes, but without diluting your drink. I mean to say these stainless steel cubes can be used in any drink to make it chill, and since these stainless steel cubes does not melt in the drink, it will not affect your drink in any ways as opposed to ice cubes. Here is a nice video review of this gift set from a person who is using these unusual and shiny steel cubes in his whiskey.

Also these steel cubes can be reused after washing them with water. These are dishwasher safe. Just put them in your refrigerator freezer again, and reuse them in any drink or beverage you want whether its whiskey, beer, rum, cocktail, milk, cold coffee, juice, scotch, champagne, coco cola etc. This gift set also comes up with a storage tray to fit all the 8 cubes into it, and the whole tray can then be placed inside the freezer. An ice tong (a grip tool) is also provided along with the set to grip the cubes and dip them one by one into the drink. This product is no.1 best seller on If you want to buy in UK use the Yukiss link mentioned above.

Also you can find lot of suppliers selling stone cubes for the same purpose, but stainless steel cubes work better as they are better conductor of changing temperature. Here is a nice video where a person is comparing both and proving that steel cube works better. Just keeping the steel cubes for 1-2 minutes in the drink is enough to chill it, while the stone cubes will take longer time. But both works well. Also certain glasses meant for drinks are double wall structured and such particular glasses keep the drink colder for longer duration. A supplier called sun's tea is selling such glasses on their own website and also on Amazon. These special glasses are also worth buying along with the cubes.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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