Write on this graphic tablet and it will come live on computer in real time

Huion H610 Pro graphic tablet ebay
Yes, its now possible that a pen can be used, instead of a mouse, to make sketches, or write text, or draw anything in colors by using a unique graphic tablet called Huion H610 Pro. This tablet is manufactured and promoted by a Shenzhen, China based company called Huion. The company’s official website is huiontablet.com. This is not your normal tablet, but its a graphic tablet which does not run applications through an operating system. This doesn’t work like a computer with an operating system. It is simply a device with textured surface (having an active area of 10"x 6.25" ), with some keys on left side, and a battery operated rechargeable pen is included with it. Just you need to move this pressure sensitive pen on the textured surface, and that will automatically draw, or write, on your computer or laptop in real time. Here is a nice video showing this product in action.

There are total 8 different express keys on the left side of the tablet, and these are nothing but different art tools, to enhance your creativity in different ways. These keys you will be using, along with the pen, which is the main drawing tool. User manual will tell you, what art tool each key represents, but these keys can be customized according to your requirements. Another important thing to know is, what platform does this pen runs on? I mean to say, if we are drawing or writing on the surface of the tablet, where it will be drawn or written on the computer or laptop? This tablet is actually compatible with many different graphic apps, or softwares, like photoshop, MS Paint, Foxit Phantom PDF maker/editor, office 365, Coreldraw, Corel Painter, Pixologic Z-brush etc.

Suppose you are using Adob Photoshop on your computer, than this tablet pen can easily be integrated with Adob Photoshop, and just open a new file in photoshop and start drawing. But before you can draw in a new photoshop file, you need to install the driver (associated with this tablet) on your computer or laptop. Also don’t forget to connect the tablet first, with your computer or laptop, using the USB cable provided along with the purchase.

Installing the driver software is quite easy. Just visit huiontablet.com/support/ and just put mouse over Huion H610 Pro. There you will find the driver software link, and user manual link ready to be downloaded both for Windows and MAC. Just download the driver software, and after downloading run the setup.exe file to install the software, and you are ready for go. Here is a nice youtube video as an installation guide. This pen will appear as an icon or art tool in your photoshop, and just select this icon to start sketching, writing or drawing with it.

Also all other photoshop tools can also be used along with it. Its simply an addon for the photoshop. Also its important to download the user manual for all the instructions needed to use the product. Also, a CD will be provided, for the driver software installation, if you have purchased this tablet already. This product can be also be purchased online on Amazon website. This could even prove to be a great gift for someone who is a graphic designer.

There is another such pen product, to draw in air in three dimensions, and you can read more about it in the article A Pen Toy that can help you to draw in air. Also there is a way to draw on a paper, exactly the same picture, as what you see on the ipad screen. When you move your pen on the paper, the same movement is reflected on the photo or picture in the iPad, and thus helping to draw by moving along the boundries of the photo on the iPad. Read more about it in the article Now make a good drawing even if you are not an artist of high calibre

This wearable strap let you type on your smartphone or tablet by simply tapping your fingers on any surface.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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