This fitness tracker watch has a touch screen display in it

Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch
There is a multi-purpose watch better known as Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch. This unique and amazing watch is manufactured and designed by a US based company called Garmin. Garmin is a very professional company, having offices in 50 countries with 11,400 associates. The company is mainly engaged in making navigation devices for different industries such as auto, aviation, marine, fitness and outdoor markets(source: This watch can do lot of things for the user, once it is setup using Garmin Connect Mobile app. This app has also been developed by Garmin company, and all the devices manufactured by Garmin are made to run using this app for different features.

First you need to fully charge your Garmin Vivoactive watch, by connecting it with your computer or laptop, using the charging cable (USB), provided along with the purchasing package. Once fully charged, Power On the watch by holding down the device key for at least 1-2 seconds. For initial setup, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to pair your watch with your smartphone. Make sure the Garmin Connect Mobile app is already installed in your smartphone, before trying to setup your Garmin smartwatch with the help of your smartphone. Once the pairing is complete (it will be a bluetooth pairing), and all instructions followed and completed, there will appear a display on your smartwatch, and you are ready to use your watch. First important thing you will see is the touch screen. You can move the watch screen up and down (just like in your smartphone), using your fingers, for different features using the touch screen feature of the watch. Here is a nice video review of this product.

Another great thing you can do with your watch, is to make your watch look different each day, by changing the default digital watch face using Connect IQ features. There are many widgets preloaded in the watch to provide with many different features. Some widgets, however, can only run when you are connected via bluetooth to Garmin Connect Mobile app in your smartphone. For example, the weather widget can only tell you current temperature and weather forecast, only if, you are connected with Garmin Connect Mobile app in your smartphone. This widget gives almost an accurate weather forecast depending on your location in the world.

Likewise different widgets offer different facilities making your life much easier. There is a widget called activity tracking using which you can track your daily step count, calories burned, distance traveled, step goal, sleep statistics, move alert, auto goal and more. Everything is tracked by an inbuilt self-calibrating accelerometer device in the watch and also through inbuilt GPS device. If your watch is connected with your smartphone, the notification widget will send you vibrating alerts in the watch for the incoming calls, texts, emails, social networking sites messages etc in your phone, according to your smartphone notification settings. There is also a calender widget in the watch, which takes data from your smartphone calender, to display everything as scheduled by you in the calender regarding meetings and daily routines.

Just like widgets there are many inbuilt GPS-enabled apps in your smartwatch. Some of the apps however require bluetooth connection with Garmin Connect Mobile app in your phone for their functionality. These apps let you use your watch for outdoor, indoor, athletic and fitness activities like running, walking, swimming, golfing, cycling, etc. All the data you need related to these activities can be seen in your watch using appropriate app. Your watch is capable of pairing with other devices by the use of ANT+ Sensors wireless technology (like a heart rate monitor you wear on your body) to track data and display in the relevant app.

The design of the watch also looks great, and best fit for a man who wants to track all the activities of their life for the physical fitness. This is also a good wrist watch to gift someone who is involved in lot of physical activities and sports. You should visit to know more about this watch in terms of functionality.

This fitness tracker ankle and wrist band acts as a coach and tells you through audio voices during your workout how close you are for your targeted level of workout. Sends activity data to your smartphone.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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