Grip your tablet safely with this sticking handhold product

G-hold handhold
The product I want to talk about is a handhold called G-Hold. This product is being designed and promoted by a Scotland based company called Safetray. This product is unique, in the sense, that it can be made to stick to the smooth surface of any tablet's back, including Apple's ipad, and Samsung Galaxy tablets. Once it is completely attached on the back portion of your tablet, just pull its handle and insert your two fingers inside the handle, and that way you get an easy and safe grip to your tablet, without any fear of accidental falling of the device.

Also, the tablet can be rotated 360 degree, even while having a grip with the handle with two fingers. This may help to tilt the tablet in any position, even while holding it with G-hold. So, more or less, the usability of this product is to grip any brand of tablet with ease, so that the user can concentrate more on the work he is doing, by using his tablet. And its a fact, that when you can't hold a device properly there is always a fear to loose it from your hands, and tablets are one of those inconvenient devices to hold. Watch this youtube video for a review of this unusual product.

There are two different versions of G-hold. One is G-hold Micro Suction and the other one is G-hold Megastick. G-hold micro suction can stick to the smooth surface of any device, but it can also be removed, and than again be reused to stick again. On the other hand, G-Hold Megastick gives permanent stick to any smooth surface, of any device, for lifelong, and cannot be removed. I am saying 'any smooth surface' because G-Hold can be used to grip other devices as well, other than the tablets of different brands.

Just it needs the kind of surface it works with. Both these products utilize micro suction technology to get the sticky qualities they show. Both are available for purchase on official company website and also on Amazon.

Micro suction is a technology of the future. This technology is nothing, but it utilizes a tape which has thousands of microscopic craters on its surface, allowing to behave like micro suction cups. Micro suction technology on the material of the tape allows it to grip the surface without any messy adhesives, magnets or static. There will also be no any adhesive residue left behind, once removed from the surface. You can buy this tape online, and can also know more about this tape on sites like, or watch this easy to understand youtube video.

I have even mentioned about certain anti-gravity mobile phone cases, which also utilize this technology, to let you stick your smart phone on any smooth surface like wood, glass, tiles, metal etc. You can read more about this in the article Anti-gravity smartphone case that can stick to any surface. But this nano suction material is not so much expensive, and smartphone cases utilizing this material are sold even less than $1, if you buy in wholesale from China on sites like This is definitely also a product to gift someone who is using tablet a lot.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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