Use this device to suck in clean water instantly from any dirty water source

The product I am talking about is Lifestraw. This is a small and unique water filter, in the shape of an enclosed plastic tube, with water filtration system installed in it. Its only 9 inches long (22.5cm) and the diameter of the tube is 1 inch (2.5cm), so its easy to keep it into your pocket as well. Its ultralight in weight (weighs only 57 grams). Lifestraw helps you to drink clean and safe water from different water sources. The body of Lifestraw is also BPA Free, and so its completely safe to drink through it. Its main use is during emergencies when you are running out of water in your water bottle, specially during times when you are in the middle of a hiking, camping or backpacking. Just insert the filtering end of the Lifestraw inside any moving water source, or lake, or container, and suck in the pure filtered water, into your mouth, from the other end to quench your thirst.

Its advanced filtration system purify the 99.99% of contaminated water(containing waterborne bacteria and waterborne protozoa). The product is also long lasting, in the sense, that you can suck in 1000 litres of pure water till the filtration system no longer works. It also doesn't require any AC or DC current for its operation, so no need of batteries or power adapters. Lifestraw's filtering technology, however, cannot separate chemicals and salt water, and so its not a good idea to drink water from a source like pool, or sea, which are contaminated with chemicals and saltwater respectively. Lifestraw actually utilizes advanced hollow fiber membrane technology to filter all unnecessary and harmful things from the dirty water.

This product is an award winner for the company who has discovered it, and now producing it on large scale to be distributed in more than 64 countries. Lifestraw is the brand of a Switzerland based global health company called Vestergaard. This product is available for purchase on many online websites including Amazon. The company got its name from MIKKEL VESTERGAARD, who is CEO of the company. The company is also involved in producing many other health related products, for under privileged people, in the developing countries. Lifestraw is just one of their many products. I think this product is good enough to gift someone, who is health conscious, and travels a lot to remote places which are unknown.

Grayl ultralight purifier bottle is another similar water filteration product which is cylinderical in shape and it has a size similar to the usual water bottle. It's functions are also similar to lifestraw (as mentioned above) but way of drinking is different. Through lifestraw you directly need to suck in water from the water source but in Grayl you fill the unfiltered water, from any water stream, into one cylinderical bottle and then squeeze this unfiltered water by inserting another cylinderical bottle into the first cylinderical bottle (both being part of the complete set) and that way any dirty or unfiltered water will get purified and it becomes drinkable. You can know more about this product by visiting The look and feel of the product is very professional and its highly durable and not simply a cheap plastic made water bottle. But, like lifestraw, you cannot keep this bottle into your pocket and it will keep your hand busy while holding it during hiking or camping. Below is the picture of it. Here is a nice video review of this product.

Grayl purifier bottle

Another great product meant for hiking and camping is the Suaoki solar power lantern, which can charge your phone anywhere. This lantern utilizes a solar panel to charge itself, and its USB socket helps to charge your phone on the go, and also it can be used as a flashlight in two different ways. You can know more about this product in the article > Charge your phone on the go with a solar lantern. One more very useful item during hiking, camping, or picnic could be the foldable blanket called Matador Pocket Blanker, which you can read more about in the article 7 unusual fit to pocket and foldable products to gift someone.

You may want to know How To Cook An Egg In A Potato. It will be very useful trick when you are away from home at a remote place.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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